Alumni Interviewing

Interviewing for Alumni

Interviews are the critical part of your job search. It is important to know what to expect in an interview and to be prepared. Effective preparation requires time for research and analysis of the position for which you are interviewing as well as the specific examples of situations you’ve experienced in your life and career that demonstrate your match to the requirements. From phone interviews to second and third round interviews as well as individual and group interviews, we are available to assist you with questions you have regarding interview preparation and techniques.   For more information please log into your Job Finder account and access the “The Interview Process” handout and the “Acing Your Interview” podcast. We encourage you to check emails from the Alumni Relations Office about our Webinars that focus on Interviewing Techniques.


•        How to Prepare for An Interview

•        Types of Interview Questions

•        Sample Interview Questions

•        What To Wear

•        What to Do After the Interview

•        Mock Interview


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