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Developing Your Elevator Pitch

An Elevator Pitch is a carefully planned and concise introductory message about your professional self. It should define your skill sets, experience, and career hopes for the future. Your message should take about 60 seconds to deliver; the time it would take you to ride up an elevator. It should be focused on the specific and unique attributes that YOU can bring to an organization / employer.  

An Elevator Pitch is also sometimes referred to as your 30 or 60 second commercial.  

Why is it important?

Many times the first question an interviewer might ask you is, “Tell me about yourself.” Having a planned answer to that question will ensure you feel confident and comfortable right from the start of your interview.  

Also, you never know when you might find yourself meeting someone who could be a great potential networking contact. It could be at a planned event, such as a networking dinner or company information session, or it could be at an informal social gathering, such as a family get-together or a friend’s soccer game. Having a well-prepared Elevator Pitch will ensure that you are ready to market your skills and experiences given any opportunity to do so.

Please refer to the “Developing Your Elevator Pitch” handout within Job Finder to learn more about crafting your Elevator Pitch.

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