Federal Jobs

Federal jobs are not just for students who have a political science degree.  The federal government has such a broad mission that they are looking for students in a variety of different fields.  Students majoring in Engineering, Business, Computer Science and IT, Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences, Medical and Public Health and more are of great interest to the federal government.

Top Career Fields:

Security, Enforcement and Compliance Assistance (37,515 new hires)

Includes inspectors, investigators (including criminal), police officers, security/prison guards and airport screeners

Medical and Public Health (25,756 new hires)

Includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians and nursing assistants

Engineering and Sciences (23,806 new hires)

Includes in engineers, biologists, physicists, chemists and astronomers

Program Management/Administrative (17,373 new hires)

Includes program managers and analysts who monitor program operations and effectiveness to administrative staff; administrative support jobs account for a minority of the jobs in this category

Accounting, Budget and Business (12,959 new hires)

The Internal Revenue Service is driving growth in this category, hiring revenue agents and tax examiners as part of its efforts to step up enforcement



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