Interactive Media & Game Development

Interactive media respond to user actions, and include digital whiteboard presentations, distributed virtual environments, as well as performance-based media where musicians, dancers, and actors interact with various applications to create new experiences for both artists and audiences.

Computer games are another form of interactive media, and include those created for both entertainment and educational purposes, as well as serious games that help make decisions in public policy, education, corporate management, health care, and combat preparedness. Game development includes all aspects of creating computer-based games including game design, content creation, programming, testing, and project management. You can focus on either the technical or artistic.

Significant Points:

Students will need to create a portfolio of their work samples including demos in the form of a website, CD-ROM, videotape, slide show, AVI, PDF, 2D images, paper and pencil drawings.

Sample Occupations:

Skills Required:

Professional Organizations:




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