Job Offers

What is Important in a Job Offer?

The Organization

Assess the organization’s business activity, financial stability, age, size, and location. Is there opportunity for advancement? It is important to learn about the background of the company. Think about whether or not the business, product, or service matches your own interests and values. Think about how the size of the organization will affect your development and mobility. Large organizations have a more training programs and levels of management for advancement. Smaller organizations allow you to have more responsibility and form relationships with upper management. Think about if you want to work for a developing company that comes with uncertainty but the thrill of helping to create the future of the company.

The Job

It is important for you to like the day-to-day responsibilities of the job, otherwise you will be miserable, regardless of what other perks or benefits the opportunity has to offer. Items to think about are:


Are there opportunities to continue to learn new skills, and gain additional responsibilities? If there is a shortfall in opportunities, you do not want to experience boredom or frustration. Find out if the company has a training plan for new employees. Do you know what the promotional time-frame and logistics are?

Salary & Benefits

Make sure that you know the salary, any bonus information, relocation packages, stock options, health care plans and associated costs, gym memberships, tuition assistance, and any other important qualities you are interested in regarding your employer. Make sure that it is all clearly spelled out in your offer letter to ensure that it will be carried out>

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