Social Networking

Social networking refers to the connection of individuals or organizations. Connections can come from education, values, ideas, financial exchanges, friends, web links, and more. A social network is composed of the ties that connect varying individuals. Social networking services use software to build one’s networks online and form communities of shared interests, activities, and friends.

Today, employers are going online and searching for their candidates. They are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Zoom, Spoke, and other sites to which they can access. For some employers, what they seen can strongly influence their hiring decisions, to the point that a candidate's employment will no longer be considered after viewing his/her online profile. It is extremely important that you adjust your privacy settings on your social networking accounts, and make sure that there are no photographs, comments, or activities that you would not want a perspective boss (or past one for that matter) to see. Also, remember that friends of friends have access to your account—and there are loopholes for employers to view your information. The safest way to make sure that you remain in good standing with an employer, is to not put objectionable material on your account (photographs, activities, piercings, alcohol, blogs, comments, etc.). What you post on a friend’s page, or what a friend comments about on your page, is all fair game for the employer to use as evaluation criteria.

Some recommended examples:

LinkedIn, Zoom, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Skyrock Blog, Friendster, Orkut, CyWorld, LiveJournal

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