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“The Career Development Center has been very helpful in my time as a graduate student.  I’ve used the resume critiques, cover letter critiques, and practice interviews to help me get my summer internship at Simons International this past summer.  The company and CDC info sessions are also very useful.  The staff are very friendly and always there for me!”

Min "Alex" Feng

Graduate Student, Class of 2013

Materials Science & Engineering

Everyone at the CDC is very helpful—they really want to make sure you are doing everything correctly and successfully. I have used the CDC for resume critiques and cover letter critiques, but what I have found most useful are their panels regarding various topics. For example, I have attended panels regarding graduate school, interview tips, networking skills, resume writing, and anything else that is relevant to me at the time. The important thing is to get ahead and to make sure you are using the CDC as your primary resource. If you are just starting out your career search I would recommend a few things:

  1. Create a JobFinder account—this will be very useful throughout your college career.
  2. Pick up a yearly plan at the CDC for your current year to make sure you’re on track or can get caught up.
  3. Schedule a one-on-one for more specific questions!
  4. Keep a document of major accomplishments through academics, internships and extracurricular activities so you can choose what’s most important and relevant when you are writing your resume and you won’t forget little details.

Bhavika Shah

Class of 2011

Biomedical Engineering

The CDC is chock full of people willing and able to help you any way they can. Whether it be creating a resume or helping you decide what kind of career you want after graduation, it is clear that their priority is helping you be the best you can be.

Danica Rili
Class of 2011
Biology & Biotechnology


"The CDC has been of immense help to me as an undergraduate. Whether it was choosing my career path in freshman year, or critiquing my resume and job finding (sophomore year onwards), the CDC has been an amazing resource. Thanks to it, I already have a year’s worth of job experience even before I graduate! During my sophomore year, I found this coop position on the Job Finder that I was really interested in, and with the right kind of guidance and help, I ended up getting it. After completing my junior year, I started my second coop at another company which I also found through the Job Finder. I feel like both of these work experiences will add a lot of weight to my undergraduate degree, and I’m  hopeful that the CDC would present me with ample opportunities once again when I start looking for full-time positions this fall. Moreover, I feel like the Career Fair and other on-campus recruiting events are very important for all students, and we should always keep an eye out for their dates/times."

Mairaj Aftab Malik

Class of 2011

Electrical & Computer Engineering


"Junior year, I decided to go to the CDC to get advice on obtaining a summer internship that would narrow down my career path after I graduate.  After a half hour meeting, I came out confident in how to approach my job search.  I felt more comfortable using job finder and other websites to get me in contact with employers.  The following week, I got my resume critiqued and was all set to apply to a variety of summer internships thanks to the help of the CDC."

Nina Bass

Class of 2011

Chemical Engineering

"Before applying for computer science internships my sophomore year I knew I needed a lot of help coming up with a respectable resume. The staff at the CDC worked closely with me to adapt a template to my specific needs. They helped me identify the personal strengths and experiences I should highlight  and how to show my potential employer that I would be good for the job. They also gave me some career search tips and taught me a few things about interviewing. Thanks to the CDC, my polished resume landed me a great internship last summer, and I've got an offer from the same employer to return this coming summer and as a full-time employee after graduation. I couldn't be happier with the results—thanks for your help!"

Skyler Whorton

Class 2011 

Computer Science

The CDC has been such an amazing resource for me over the last few years.  They are the ones that helped me build my resume, get a summer internship, and ultimately get a job.  Without their help and guidance it would have been difficult to get both a summer internship and a full time job.  Between walk-in’s, appointments, workshops, and Job Finder there are so many services to take advantage.  Use every service that you can because the staff at the CDC really does want to help and see you succeed.

Jenny Lund

Class of 2010

Civil Engineering


Getting involved with the CDC from freshman year is very helpful. Visiting companies as a freshman will prepare you for the future. In addition, attending the different services and workshops they offer will help enhance your chances of getting a job.


I was a lab technician at Abbott. My task was to generate a new hybridoma cell line that would target the IL-23 receptor to find a cure for Chron’s Disease.

I obtained this internship after talking to my professor. I prepared for my interview by reading about hybridoma cells and about Chron’s Disease. Showing my boss that I made an effort to read ahead to learn about the project helped me stand out.


 Networking is one of the key ways to get head in life. Getting to know people in and out of school is very important. After getting an internship, it is important to get close to your supervisors for they may be the one’s writing your future recommendations. Also, the connections you make during your internship may help you get a full-time job. As a college student, it is always beneficial to have an updated resume with you at all times for you never know who you will meet.


Utilize the CDC; they are here to help you. Don’t feel intimidated by the CDC. Also, attending the various sessions that the CDC has to offer is very helpful.

Jyotsna Vinayak

Class of 2010

Biology & Biotechnology


"I really enjoyed attending the Computer Science Panel.  I learned a great deal about the wide variety as well as number of opportunities available to me as a Computer Science major not only after I graduate but in form of internships as well.  The panelists were interesting and informative.  I definitely look forward to attending future similar sessions."
Jason Codding
WPI Class of 2010

The CDC provides a lot of helpful services to WPI students. I first went to the CDC to get help with building my resume and making it more professional. I also found my internships through the JobFinder website and the Career Fairs hosted by the CDC.

Over the past four years I have revisited the CDC on numerous occasions to make sure my resume stays up to date and to get advice regarding my job search. My one on one meetings with the career counselors have empowered me with a lot of unique tips and methods on how to find a job. The workshops and company visits hosted by the CDC are also really helpful and enable you to network with company representatives.

Try and complete an internship or two and network with professionals in areas that interest you, to get an idea of what it would be like to work in that field. Take advantage of the services provided by the CDC, right from your freshman year, so that you can build a great and meaningful career for yourself.

Divya Mathew

Class of 2010

Management Information Systems

“The CDC gave me clear senses of what companies at the career fair were looking for. The career fair had a bunch of companies there, with interest in my major. It will be a good resource in the coming years when I look for a job.”
Philip Davidson
Class of 2010

Activities: Band

“The CDC provided me a template to build my resume!”
Tom Coletta
Class of 2010
Mechanical Engineering
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