WPI Proxy Server Usage Standard


The WPI Proxy server provides a mechanism for those off-campus community members to use WPI resources effectively. To help protect and maintain availability to these resources, this standard explains the following information:


This standard covers the WPI Proxy Service.


The WPI Proxy server has a number of uses for allowing off-campus community members to access WPI resources quickly and easily. Usually the proxy is for less-sensitive activities like browsing library resources.

Unfortunately, the WPI proxy server allows for users to appear anonymous, even if they are not to WPI administrators. The resource can also be overwhelmed by excessive load.



Users may have their right to use WPI proxy servers limited and removed. A student's serious violation may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for resolution, which may include forwarding to the Campus Hearing Board (CHB).

Concerns, Comments, Questions

Please E-mail any concerns, comments, or questions to itsecurity@wpi.edu.


This policy is reviewed yearly. Changes are made as necessary.

Revision History

August 11th, 2009 - IT approved the standard.

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