IT Managers

Jon Eric Bartelson

Assistant CIO for Hosting & Support Services
Fuller Laboratories, Room 218
Jon's primary responsibility is to provide oversight and leadership related to computing services at WPI. These services include user support and training, LAN services, administrative information systems, and operations. The administration of the Helpdesk, software and hardware acquisition and maintenance, networked printer management, and public computer facilities all fall within his domain.

Mary Beth Harrity

Director of Academic Technology Center
Fuller Laboratories, Room 111C
508-831-5810 (work)
Mary Beth's primary responsibility is to provide leadership and direction for the promotion, development and support of information technology use in teaching, learning and scholarship. She is also responsible for the development, administration and marketing of myWPI, the colleges online information and learning portal

Allan E. Johannesen

Assistant CIO for Technology Infrastructure
Fuller Laboratories, Room 214
Allan is responsible for the WPI domain on the Internet, both the Internet and Internet2 registrations and connections, the campus phone switch, and the CCC UNIX servers.

Siamak M. Najafi

Director of Research Computing and Academic IT Support
Higgins Laboratories, Room 234A
Sia is responsible for assuring that the Information Technology needs of each academic department at WPI are met. In addition to the departmental needs, Sia is leading the effort to improve the research computing facilities available to the faculty, laboratories and research centers at WPI including oversight of the development of WPI's High Performance Computing tools.

Carol Chen

Director of Enterprise Solutions
Fuller Laboratories, Room B34

Sean O'Connor

Assistant Vice President for Information Security and Networking
Morgan Hall, Lower Wedge

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