Laptop Theft Deterrence

According to FBI statistics 97 percent of laptops stolen are never recovered by their owners. WPI recommends that you never leave your laptop unattended.

While laptops are generally stolen in such high-traffic areas as libraries, dining halls and campus centers, they are also taken from residential halls, parked cars, and coffee shops. Prevention is the key to keeping your laptop from being stolen. WPI also recommends that you register your laptop with some kind of recovery service. WPI participates in the STOP program (Security Tracking of Office Property), which has proven to be an effective deterrent and recovery device. STOP plates are only $10 and require no further fees of any kind. The plates continue to work if a computer is sold. STOP plates are distributed by the WPI Police Department and can be obtained by contacting Officer Chris Gilmore at ext 5433.

For more information please, the STOP website.

There are currently no dates for public distribution of STOP labels.

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