Safe Computing: What does it mean?

WPI operates an open network, which means that students, faculty, and staff have almost full and uninhibited use of the local network and Internet. WPI Information Security attempts to maintain a robust and secure network and works closely with our community to ensure connectivity and availability.

WPI's Information Security group is responsible for securing the people, the processes, and the technology around academic and administrative activities. By educating the people who use the systems, ensuring that security is maintained around business processes and procedures, and applying technical controls to prevent breaches of systems and software, WPI can create a safe computing environment for its users where they can feel confident that their privacy is maintained and day-to-day business can be performed.

Our responsibilities include educating the community regarding security issues that users are responsible for. By understanding the types of threats which the WPI community faces every day, it becomes easier to spot malicious behavior which could affect both WPI and their personal lives. This education is performed through regular presentations and general awareness and communication.

Information Security also works with groups developing policies and procedures on campus to help those responsible for building business processes ensure security is a strong aspect. Security, when built into business processes and standing policy, can be invisible and ensure that the simple things are done well.

Information Security also impliments many technical controls to help detect, report, and investigate issues on campus. Some controls are also provided to users to help maintain their computers, updating anti-virus/anti-spyware programs and being aware of issues that can affect not only WPI, but the wider Internet. These issues are a high priority in Information Security because one vulnerable PC can affect entire departments on campus.

Safe Computing becomes a corner stone of a safe community, high quality resources, and a strong university.
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