Social Networking and You

Using Facebook and MySpace Wisely

Facebook and MySpace are two of the most popular social networking sites that WPI students (and faculty and staff) use to learn about their neighbors and connect with their world. We advise all to use common sense to keep themselves and their personal information (PI) private.

Although WPI is a small community, a posting on a social network should be considered open to the world for viewing. The pictures of your late-night 21st birthday party may indeed be hilarious but when viewed by a potential employer, they may be damaging to your career.

We appreciate the social networking openness aspect so we advise that you set the security preference to something like “paranoid” to restrict who can view your information. We also advise that the personal information you provide in your profile be minimized, do not leave your cell phone number, home address and birth date on the page. Some things should only be shared personally with friends.

Anyone who harasses or libels you can, and should, be reported to the WPI Police Department. You can also report a harasser to Facebook and place a block against that person.

Our advice is to verify any information that a second party provides. Don’t assume truth, verify it. With 85 million users, Facebook has its share of fraudsters who are seeking gullible people to take advantage of. You need to be suspicions of information online. We remind you that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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Last modified: Sep 19, 2008, 14:02 EDT
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