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Office Equipment Shutdown (Recommendation) (3 July 2002)
Web Development Office Closed (2 July 2002)

Office Equipment Shutdown (Recommendation)
Posted 3 July 2002 by CCC Helpdesk
When? Today - July 3, 2002
How long? Over the Holiday weekend (4 days)
Why? The CCC Helpdesk recommends that Office equipment (computers, printers, copiers, etc.) be shut down over the holiday weekend to protect against potential power surges. A surge protector should be in place. In the absence of a surge protector, the equipment should be unplugged from the power source.
Groups Affected Faculty and Staff
Impact Taking the necessary precautions will prevent possible damage to expensive equipment and will result in cost savings to WPI (from decreased power utilization).
Questions Contact the Helpdesk by calling x5888 or
e-mail helpdesk@wpi.edu

Summer storms and increased power utilization can lead to power outages and brown outs. These can lead to power surges when full power is restored. Power surges can damage sensitive electrical equipment like computers, printers, copiers, scanners, etc.

To protect against potential surges, the CCC recommends that all unnecessary electrical equipment be powered off over the holiday weekend.

If the equipment is protected by a surge protection device then no further action is required. In the absence of a surge protection device, the equipment should be unplugged from the power source.

The added benefit to shutting down devices that will go unused over the long weekend is that WPI will see cost savings with regard to its electrical power utilization.

Web Development Office Closed
Posted 2 July 2002 by Amy L. Marr
When? Tuesday & Wednesday, July 2&3
How long?
Why? The Web Development Office is relocating to the basement of the Gordon Library.
Groups Affected
Impact Users e-mailing webmaster@wpi.edu or calling on the phone may not receive as rapid a response as usual. Visitors to the physical office may not be able to locate staff during the move.
Questions E-mail webmaster@wpi.edu

Effective July 8th, the WPI Web Development Office will be located
in the basement of the Gordon Library, in the area currently known as
the CS Annex (formerly known as Mass Academy and before that the
WACCC). To get to our new home, you'll need to go down the steps on
the right side of the library building and go in the first door about
2/3 of the way down the steps. A map is available on the WDO Web site at www.wpi.edu/+web

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