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The social and extracurricular activities on a campus play an important part in making a more complete educational experience, and technology can play an important role in creating and managing these social communities. Therefore, it is important to understand and appreciate the tools that facilitate electronic communities on campus, allowing for greater communication, interaction and integration within the broad campus milieu.

What percentage of students on this campus have full-time use of personal computers?
Over 98% of students access campus and Internet resources from their residence hall rooms.
What is the ratio of public access computers to undergraduate enrollment?
Undergraduate students have access to over 300 computers in more than 13 public computer labs for an 11:1 student/computer ratio.
What percentage of students use e-mail and other software applications on a regular basis?
while we don't have exact figures, nearly 100% of WPI students regularly use email and other software.
Does the campus allow personal Web pages?
Is contact information for students, faculty and staff readily accessible electronically?
Yes, via WPI's "Camppus Directory", located on the WPI homepage.
Is there a campus code of behavior for use of computing and information resources?
The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the campus code of behavior on networks and systems at WPI.
What social activities and services are available over the Web?
Most of the social activities at WPI and in the Worcester area are posted on the Social Web. The university's online calendars are all generated from this site, including the events calendar on the WPI homepage. Additionally, many student groups make use of the Web to publicize their events or share content, including the campus newspaper.
Are there Web sites for student organizations and clubs, and are these linked to the campus home page?
Yes, student groups are encouraged to create Web sites, both to advertise their activities and to create online communities for current members. When student groups notify the webmaster, they're linked from the full list of student clubs and organizations. Additionally, pages exist for each of WPI's varsity sports teams.
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