Overview of Services

The departments that make up IT provide a host of support services to the WPI community and beyond. Below is a list of services currently provided by IT, which is subject to change as we continue to expand and improve our offerings.

If you have a question, or would like more details about a particular service, please click on the link to the responsible department - some links take you to specific information about that service, while others take you to the contact information for that department.

Service ATC CCC
3-D Visualization Support CCC
Administrative Systems Support CCC
Advanced Data Visualization Techniques CCC
Campus Network CCC
Desktop PC Management CCC
E-classroom Support ATC
Electronic Directories CCC
Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs) CCC
E-mail Systems CCC
Equipment Maintenance & Repair ATC CCC
Equipment Purchasing ATC CCC
Equipment Reservations ATC
Equipment & Software Support ATC CCC
Graphic Design, Print, & Video Production ATC
Grant Support CCC
Grant Writing Assistance CCC
Instruction ATC CCC
Instructional Design ATC
Internet Connection CCC
Internet Names CCC
Help & Support ATC CCC
Lab Computers CCC
Laptop Borrowing ATC
Large-scale Collaboration Tools CCC
myWPI Support ATC CCC
Network File Storage CCC
Parallel Computing Support CCC
PC LAN Services CCC
Planning for Future Technology Needs ATC CCC
Printing CCC
Residential Network CCC
Research Computation Support CCC
Satellite Campus Network CCC
Servers CCC
Software Distribution CCC
Specialized Computing Labs CCC
Super Computing Support CCC
Support for Research Labs & Centers CCC
Teleconferencing & Videoconferencing ATC
Telephone System CCC
Training (Instruction) ATC CCC
UNIX Systems CCC
UNIX and PC Labs CCC
Video Production & Editing ATC
Wireless Network CCC
Web Servers CCC
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