1. Academic Overview

WPI Credit Hours Key

  • 1/3 credit = 1 course
  • 1 Unit = 3 courses per term
  • 1/12 credit = Physical Education course (Taken in addition to 3 courses per term)
  • 1/6 credit = Some Music courses or introductory level courses (Taken in addition to 3 courses per term)


WPI is known for its seven week terms and project based education. Below you will find information on WPI's Academic Curriculum and Requirements.

  • There are (four) seven week terms (A,B,C,D)(+ E Summer)(optional)
  • You select (three) courses per term that are worth 1/3 credit unit each
    • not including Physical Education (PE) or ROTC Courses (Physical education and ROTC courses are in addition to your three courses per term)

General Degree Requirements

Humanities and Arts Requirement: Five courses in the Humanities and Arts with a practicum or inquiry seminar as the sixth course.

Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP): Team-based project that examines the impact of science and technology on society.

Major Qualifying Project (MQP): Team-based research or design experience in your major field of study.

Two courses in Social Sciences

Four courses in Physical Education (In addition to your three courses per term)

30 courses in your Major including your MQP.

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