3. Selecting Your First Course

Now that you have learned about the general academic information, you are ready to design your own program. Many of you may be Undecided or further exploring your Major or program of study, and that's ok.  You will be able to select courses that will keep your options open. This section details the course offerings that are available to you as you consider what you will choose for your first course. You can search for courses in Bannerweb.

Thinking about Double Majoring? Select one major for your A and B term courses. You will be able to meet with a Faculty Advisor for both majors during your first term here at WPI. If you have further questions regarding double majoring, you may contact our office at 508-831-5381, e-mail us at academic-advising@wpi.edu, or follow us on Twitter at @WPIAdvising. 

Click on each suggested academic program option to determine which program meets your interests. You will be selecting and registering for your A and B term courses only. C and D term course registration will open in November.


Section Comment:

Please mark your Course Tracker with your first course choices for A and B terms and move onto step #4.  

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