Designs for C and D terms course selection

First Year Student,


Welcome to the Designs website for C and D term course selection. Course selection will begin on Tuesday, December 2 at 9:00 p.m. through the Web Information System (bannerweb). Registration will be open exclusively to first year students from December 3-December 11. On December 12, bannerweb will re-open for all students. We encourage you to register for your courses as early as possible for you to get your first choices. You will be able to use this website as a great resource for advice regarding your C and D term courses. Feel free to download the WPI scheduler to look up courses for C and D terms that are open and do not have any time conflicts. Through this website, you will gather information on course advice by major, math information, the humanities and arts requirement, and also have the opportunity to declare your major officially. 


We ask that you declare your major through bannerweb by December 20 please read the following information:

  • Please log-in to bannerweb to check what is currently listed.
  • If you have the same major as you entered WPI with then you do not need to make any change. 
  • If your major has changed, you can make those changes through bannerweb.
  • If you are still Undecided, that is okay, you will declare "Undecided" as your major.
  • If you are double majoring, you can add your major through the bannerweb system.
  • If you are considering pre-health, you will need to add that to bannerweb.

Your Faculty Advisors and Community Advisors will be speaking with you about this process. Please take some time to review the Designs tabs to learn more about C and D term course selection.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your Insight Faculty Advisor or e-mail us at

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