Office of Academic Advising
Academic Advising Handbook

Section 1: Advising in the Context of the WPI Plan

"...The goals of the undergraduate program are to lead students to develop an excellent grasp of fundamental concepts in their principal areas of study; to lay a foundation for life-long renewal of knowledge; to gain a mature understanding of themselves; and, most importantly, to form a deep appreciation of the interrelationships among basic knowledge, technological advance, and human need. These principals are today manifest in the WPI Plan, a unique, project-oriented program which emphasizes intensive learning experiences and direct application of knowledge..."

-The Goal of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Two Towers Tradition and the WPI Plan make a WPI education unique. This educational philosophy has been effective in educating professionals since the Institute's founding in 1865. To perpetuate these ideals in the form of well-trained professionals, academic advising needs to be carried out with the same philosophy. The purpose of the Academic Advisor's Handbook is to provide a comprehensive guide to advising WPI undergraduate students. Thus, academic advising should reinforce WPI's approach to education -- both philosophy and practice are important. This handbook is designed to help you, the academic advisor, provide effective advice to students. This handbook should serve as a common reference for advising philosophy and practice on the WPI campus. Materials should be reviewed and updated regularly.

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