Math & Science Help (MASH)

M*A*S*H review sessions are offered for limited number of courses that students and faculty have identified as difficult.These courses may have heavy homework assignments or they may require that you understand new and difficult concepts. Whatever the reasons, some courses are more challenging than others. M*A*S*H is here to help you meet that challenge!

In M*A*S*H sessions you will meet with other students who are taking the same course to talk about the class, compare notes, discuss assignments and lectures, ask questions, and improve your study skills. M*A*S*H allows you to test your understanding of the course content before the instructor tests you. Each study group is guided by a M*A*S*H leader who has taken the course before and who, therefore, understands what you are experiencing.

Information about available courses as well as days and times of M*A*S*H sessions will be posted outside the ARC.

M*A*S*H Leaders

M*A*S*H leaders are good students who have already taken the course in which you are now enrolled. They know the course material. They know what the instructor expects. They can help you maximize your learning. Your M*A*S*H leader will attend each class, take notes, and complete all asignments as you do. The leader's job is to help you think about what you heard in lecture and read in your textbooks, help you master new concepts and learn new vocabulary, and put ideas into perspective.

Getting Involved

During the first week of the term, your M*A*S*H leader will survey the class to find the most convenient meeting times for the majority of interested students. The M*A*S*H leader announces the times and places of the M*A*S*H sessions during your next class. You may attend as many sessions during the term as you wish. Each session will be different because you will have new things to talk about. Bring your class materials (text, notes, assignmnets) and your questions.

Summing Up

If you attend M*A*S*H sessions regularly, chances are you will earn a higher grade. You will have a better way to study. You will have a better understanding of what you have learned. What's more, you will enjoy the process.

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