Faculty Governance System

WPI's Faculty Governance System is comprised of eight standing faculty committees. Minutes and other materials produced by these committees are available online to members of the WPI community in the Faculty Governance Archive.

Committee on Governance (COG)
COG consists of five faculty members elected at large, the Provost, the Secretary of the Faculty, and one member of the Faculty appointed by the President. It is responsible for offering nominations and for conducting the election of the Secretary of the Faculty (when that office is vacant) and of faculty members to standing and ad hoc committees, except for the election of its own membership and that of the Committee on Tenure and Academic Freedom.
Committee on Academic Policy (CAP)
CAP consists of six faculty members-at-large, two students, and, ex-officio, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This Committee is responsible for making policy recommendations regarding the direction and goals of undergraduate education at WPI. To do this, the Committee reviews the admission and financial aid policies, reviews the degree requirements, and judges the quality of the academic program as related to the goals of the College.
Committee on Academic Operations (CAO)
CAO consists of six faculty members-at-large, two students, and, ex officio, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Registrar. This Committee is responsible for monitoring procedures for administering existing undergraduate academic, admission, and financial aid policies. Recommendations in regard to courses, projects, and programs are made to the Faculty by this Committee. Petitions for exceptions to the established academic rules are received and acted upon. The Committee brings to the Faculty for action the names of students approved as eligible for baccalaureate degrees.
Committee on Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR)
CGSR is composed of six members of the Faculty, one graduate student, and, ex officio, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and the Director of Continuing Education. This Committee is concerned with all post-baccalaureate programs of the College, and reviews and recommends changes in WPI policies on goals, student recruitment, admissions, academic standards, teaching and research assistantships, scholarships and fellowships. It also makes recommendations to the Faculty and administration on new graduate programs and changes in programs and courses. The Committee acts on admission of graduate students to degree candidacy, dismissal for failure to meet academic standards, and student petitions on academic matters. It brings to the Faculty for action the names of students who it has determined are eligible for post-baccalaureate degrees. The Committee reviews and recommends changes in policy on the funding, promotion, and conduct of research at WPI.
Committee on Tenure and Academic Freedom
The Joint Tenure Committee of the Faculty, consisting of the At-Large Committee and Department Committees, recommends to the Provost and to the President which members of the Faculty should be granted tenure according to the WPI policy and procedures on the granting of tenure. The Committee is also concerned with questions relating to academic freedom. The At-Large Committee is composed of four faculty members-at-large having tenure. Department Heads, the Provost, and the Deans are not eligible for membership on this committee, and there will not be more than one member from any one department.
Committee on Appointments and Promotions
This Committee consists of six faculty members-at-large holding the rank of Professor, with no more than one representative from any one academic department or program. It is concerned with criteria for academic appointments and promotions. It advises the Provost on individual appointments above the rank of assistant professor and on all academic promostions, after consultation with the appropriate department heads and others concerned. It makes recommendations to the Provost regarding recipients of sabbatical leaves. It makes recommendations to the Faculty for changes in recognized titles of academic rank and criteria of eligibility thereto. The Committee represents the Faculty to the President and Provost in consultation on appointment and performance evaluation of academic administrative officers.
Committee on Advising and Student Life (CASL)
CASL consists of six faculty members-at-large, two students, and, ex officio, the Director of Advising, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This Committee is responsible for the continuing development of the student advisory and counseling programs. It reviews the effectiveness of the programs, evaluates current practices in the areas of student environment, residential advising systems, and extracurricular activities as they affect the academic performance of the student body and recommends changes as appropriate.
Committee on Administrative and Financial Policy (FAP)
FAP consists of three elected faculty members and, ex officio, the President or a representative designated by the President, and the Vice President for Business Affairs. This Committee informs the Faculty on administrative and financial policies affecting the Faculty and the academic affairs of the College. It ascertains the interests and views of the Faculty concerning such policies, and represents these interests and views to the Administration.
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