Global Task Force

Formation of the Global Task Force (GTF)

In the spring of 2011 Provost Eric Overström appointed a Global Task Force (GTF) to identify opportunities to establish high-value programs that engage WPI with the world and differentiate it from its peers in academia.  The GTF includes members of the Board of Trustees, deans and administrators, faculty members, students, and representatives from WPI’s industry and corporate partners and collaborators. See the full list of members.

The committee was specifically charged to:

  1. Assess the current international relationships and standing of WPI.
  2. Develop strategies for building international collaborations with global institutions and industries that will provide opportunities to engage WPI.
  3. Advise senior administrators on approaches to position the university as a rising and distinctive player in global higher education, while also helping to expand the diversity of the study body and the pool of potential donors to WPI.
  4. Report regularly  to the President, Provost and WPI community on the progress of the design for a globalization strategy for WPI with final recommendations to the senior administration in April of 2012.

Provost's Globalization Task Force Final Report

Since its creation the GTF has been meeting regularly to address each area of its charge as summarized in the timeline of activities.

Since its creation the GTF has been meeting regularly to address each area of its charge as summarized in the .

Although still in the information gathering and exploratory phase, the GTF would like to share its current progress.  This phase is dynamic and the thoughts of the committee are likely to evolve as we proceed with our research and further formulate a series of recommendations for the globalization of WPI.

After examining WPI’s current global engagements and the needs of our faculty, our students, and their employers, the following general observations have emerged.

Based on these observations, the GTF is currently considering the following areas as opportunities for enhancing the global engagement of WPI:


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