Timeline of Activities

Timeline of Global Task Force Activities
Spring 2011

Announcement of the creation of a Global Task Force (GTF)

July - September

Elicit members for the Internal Advisory Committee (IAC)

September 27

Initial Meeting of the IAC including charge from the Provost

October 24

IAC performs a SWOT Analysis facilitated by external evaluator


Elicit members for the External Advisory Committee (EAC)

November 17

IAC discusses SWOT analysis and an internal survey of international collaborations, internal website is presented

December 9

Meeting of the EAC in New York City

December 13

IAC discusses the EAC recommendations and forms subcommittees to examine opportunities for WPI in 5 key locations (Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland)

January 13

IAC discusses results of subcommittees research and assigns specific report sections to members

March 16

EAC convenes on WPI campus to review report draft and make final recommendations

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