Meet the Staff


Lorraine Higgins, Ph.D. Rhetoric

Office: Salisbury Laboratories 20
Phone: +1-508-831-5503

Dr. Higgins is Director of Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC) at WPI. In addition to promoting writing on campus through faculty development and consultation, Dr. Higgins teaches writing and rhetoric in the interdisciplinary Professional Writing Program and in the Department of Humanities and Arts. Higgins earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University (1992) and has taught composition and rhetorical theory to undergraduate and graduate students there and at the University of Pittsburgh. As former Director of Pittsburgh's Community Literacy Center, Dr. Higgins started the ARGUE project to help diverse community groups deliberate about social problems through writing. Her work on argumentation, collaborative writing, community literacy, and composition pedagogy has appeared in many professional journals and books.

Associate Director

Ryan Madan, Ph.D.

Office: Salisbury Laboratories 02
Phone: +1-508-831-6561
Fax: +1-508-831-5932

Dr. Madan is a professor of Writing and Rhetoric in the department of Humanities & Arts. Before earning his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, Prof. Madan spent several years as an undergraduate working in writing centers in multiple capacities, including as a peer writing consultant. Now as a teacher and scholar he is interested broadly in theories of literacy instruction and learning. He enjoys talking to students not only about their writing and research projects, but also about their perceptions about what roles writing can and should play in the college environment. 


Elora Borkowski

Hello, my name is Elora Borkowski.  Currently, I am a sophomore at WPI majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Law and Technology minor.  When it comes to tutoring, I love helping develop ideas by taking what the writer has and building on that foundation.  Also, I am great helping with grammar.  From resumes to detailed academic work, I look forward to working with you on any project you bring to the writing center!

Francesca Carletto-Leon

Hello! My name is Francesca Carleto-Leon and I’m a sophomore pursuing a double major in IMGD (art) and Professional Writing. If you have any IMGD papers to write then I’m the tutor for you! This is my first year working in the Writing Center but I’m excited to share my love of writing with other students. I’m also an exec member for the Game Development Club and I currently work for SNAP, so keep an eye out for me around campus!

Brooke Coughlan

Hi there! I’m Brooke Coughlan, and I have worked at the Writing Center since my sophomore year. I’m currently a senior getting ready to graduate with a Biology and Biotechnology degree with a Biochemistry minor. Writing has been a large component of my work at WPI, and I have experience with scientific writing, IQPs, and job search writing. I am eager to help others with their writing and continue to learn from them in the process.

Philippe Kelley

Hi everyone! I’m Phil Kelley and I’m a sophomore majoring in Actuarial Mathematics. Your first thought may be that writing and mathematics are quite opposite, but both disciplines require you to apply sound logical argument. Having the ability to argue and communicate both logically and effectively is essential for success, regardless of your major or career. I can help you brainstorm ideas and develop your arguments for any writing assignment. My strengths include organization and clarity of argument, but I can help you with any other aspects of your writing as well. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you!  

Nathan Longnecker

My name is Nathan Longnecker and I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I really enjoy working on the development of ideas through writing and working on the organization of papers. I'm currently working on both my IQP and my MQP so I have experience with writing project reports. Outside the writing center I like to play strategy games and card games. I look forward to working with you!

Jonathan Mirabito

My name is Jonathan Mirabito and I am currently a sophomore here at WPI. I am majoring in Civil Engineering and Professional Writing. I intend to take a fifth year of classes here to earn my Master’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering. I love playing soccer, making doodles, and meeting new people! I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center!

Katherine Picchione

My name is Katherine Picchione and I am a sophomore at WPI, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Society, Technology, and Policy. In the Writing Center, I am particularly interested in improving organization and sentence structure on papers and effective slide design on presentations. Apart from being a writing consultant, I am a MASH leader, a PLA for one of the Great Problems Seminars, and I work in the Washburn CNC machine shop. I am deeply invested in Engineers Without Borders and the Newman Club as well. For fun, I play guitar, write poetry, and carve wood. My favorite single digit number is 5, and I love making apple sauce in autumn.

Elina Saint-Elme

Hello! My name is Elina Saint-Elme and I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Robotics and Mechanical engineering. I am also pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. I enjoy all aspects of writing: sentence structure, idea development and essay revisions. I particularly like writing short stories, but I have written plenty of technical papers, lab reports and research papers as a student. I will try my best to answer your questions and help you overcome whatever writing dilemma you face. Please don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions.

Saad Riaz

Hey! My name is Saad Riaz, and I’m a junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering. I’ve spent a lot of time helping my friends with writing and I consider writing to be a crucial factor contributing to a person’s success. My strengths include organization and grammar and I have a lot of experience in writing lab reports and psychological reviews.

Anthony Russo

Hey guys! My name is Anthony Russo, and I am an IMGD Art senior with a minor in Music. You have probably seen me around if you have ever taken an art class in Fuller Labs, as I am the Student Assistant for Art of Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Modeling II, and Storytelling in Interactive Media. I do a lot of 3D art, and plan to as a profession, so if you need help with that sort of stuff for a class or a project, don’t be afraid to ask. I also love to write, however, and would be happy to tutor anyone who wants help. I specialize in (which pretty much means “I think I am good at”) presentations, cover letters, and job applications. Hope to see you soon!

Iok Wong

My name is Iok Wong and I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Concentration. I know writing is hard so let's work together to conquer the challenge! I have experience in developing unique ideas, delivering presentations, and crafting technical manuals. Let's work together to get better at writing!

Jinghan Wu

Hi! My name is Jinghan Wu and I am double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Professional Writing, and minoring in German. I can help you with brainstorming and developing ideas for your essay. My strength is working with application essays for IQP, MQP, or graduate school. However, if you have any other types of questions, I would love to work with you! Additionally, I am a Mandarin tutor. If you are interested in learning Chinese, come and talk to me!

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