2006 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Academic Advising

Professor Carolann Koleci

Advisors play an important role in the lives of their students. Their guidance and interactions have the potential to affect their students’ entire college education, as well as future endeavors. WPI is fortunate to have so many well-qualified and dedicated advisors. This is crucial in dealing with the challenges brought about by the WPI course program, specifically in adjusting schedules around projects and recommended background. From new students entering WPI, to seniors planning their future after graduation, advisors offer an invaluable service to the student body. Each year we recognize one outstanding academic advisor who has gone above and beyond the expectations of their students. This year Carolann Koleci was selected for her inspiring contributions to her students.

Professor Koleci does her best to help each student on an individual level.  Her office is always full of students, and many times these students are not her advisees but are seeking her advice and expertise nonetheless. She constantly introduces new students to upper-class students and professors in an effort to form a larger support network. She supplies her students with endless amounts of reference material for classes and projects, and is always available to provide encouraging support. Whenever a student or advisee asks for help, she responds immediately with more assistance than they could have imagined. It is clear that she sacrifices much of her time and devotes endless hours to students and advisees alike.

Professor Koleci’s willingness to help transcends academic boundaries. Students all over campus can speak to her friendliness and sincerity. Her advisees can’t say enough about her approachability and the support she has provided them on personal matters. She doesn’t hesitate to answer anything asked of her, once giving a demonstration on how to change the oil in a car when a student was in need. As one student explains, “Whether it's helping to meticulously plan out next year's schedule, or writing dozens of recommendation letters, Professor Koleci manages to pull it off with a smile and genuine care for the student.” Her dedication to her students never goes unnoticed as her nominations would suggest.

It is with great honor that we present the Outstanding Academic Advising Award of 2006 to Professor Carolann Koleci.

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