2009 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Academic Advising

Sergey Makarov

Advisors play an important role in the lives of their students. Their guidance and dedication have an impact on their students’ education, college experiences, and future career choices. WPI is fortunate to have so many well-qualified and dedicated advisors. This dedication is crucial in dealing with the challenges that students face during their time at WPI, specifically in adjusting schedules around projects and the needed background materials. From new students entering WPI, to seniors planning their futures after graduation, advisors offer an invaluable service to the student body. Each year we recognize one outstanding academic advisor who has gone above and beyond the expectations of their students. This year, Professor Sergey Makarov has been selected for his remarkable commitment and dedication to his students.

Professor Makarov has shown great enthusiasm in his role as an academic advisor. He exhibits sincere interest in helping his students find the right courses and projects that will give them the best educational experience that WPI has to offer. He goes beyond an advisor’s role as simply an academic guide by handling each student’s problem or concern as unique. As one advisee noted, it was working with Professor Makarov that led him to discover his true interest within Electrical Engineering, and in fact helped him secure a position with his current employer.

Professor Makarov’s door is always open to his students, and as stated by his advisees, no problem brought to him will be left unsolved, technical or otherwise. As a student of his in the Fundamentals of ECE course, I can attest that he was personally present for every lab session, and let no student’s circuit go unfinished. And, as his advisees have noted, Professor Makarov not only helps his students along the academic path as undergraduates, but also helps them to find employment in their chosen career field once their four years are over. His outstanding mentorship has been credited by his students as being an integral part of their success at WPI.

It is with great honor that we present the Outstanding Academic Advising Award of 2009 to Professor Sergey Makarov.

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