Nikolaos A. Gatsonis

George I. Alden Chair in Engineering

Nikolaos Gatsonis, who joined the WPI faculty in 1994, is associate head of WPI’s Mechanical Engineering Department and director of its Aerospace Engineering Program (he led the effort to establish the aerospace engineering major). His research interests include advanced onboard propul­sion and micropropulsion, space­craft/environment interactions, and micro- and nanofluidics. His work has been funded by several NASA programs and centers (including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the John H. Glenn Research Center), the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. It has resulted in more than 80 journal and conference proceedings papers. He has received WPI’s Morgan Distinguished Instructorship in Mechanical Engineering and its Board of Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship, as well as the Norton/Saint Gobain Award in Recognition of Leadership in Integrated Graduate and Undergraduate Research in Mechanical Engineering. He earned a BS at Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in Greece, an MS at the University of Michigan, and an MS and a PhD at MIT’s Aeronautics and Astronautics Department.

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