Kenneth G. Merriam Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Established in 1977 by an anonymous donor, this professorship honors the memory of one of WPI’s most beloved professors and the founder of its Aeromechanics Program. Kenneth Merriam began his WPI teaching career shortly after graduating from MIT in 1923; he started the Aero Program four years later and took pride in following the professional accomplishments of the program’s graduates over the remaining 42 years of his tenure at WPI. Merriam made his own contributions to aviation, completing pioneering research on pitot-static tubes, widely used to measure aircraft speed, and developing anti-aircraft fire-control systems as a colonel in the artillery during World War II—work that earned him the Legion of Merit. WPI honored him in 1961 when he was selected as the second recipient of the Board of Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Teaching; he retired in 1969. In 1977 a former student established this professorship to recognize the impact Merriam had on his career. Merriam died unexpectedly just four days following a ceremony to announce the first recipient of the professorship.

Current Recipient: Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz

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