2000 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship Recipient

Professor Pamela Weathers

Since coming to WPI in 1979, Professor Weathers of the Biology and Biotechnology Department has established an impressive scientific record in the plant sciences. Her innovative accomplishments include discoveries in the following areas: root physiology, the biochemistry of plant secondary metabolites, in vitro cell culture using a novel mist bioreactor, optical tweezers for plant surgery, genetically modified roots, and the molecular mechanisms controlling genetic expression of biosynthetic pathways. These discoveries have led to several patents and over 40 publications.

Professor Weathers and her students are widely recognized for their novel studies using nutrient mists for the in vitro culture of plant tissues and organs. Professor Weathers won the Moet-Hennesey Award for this innovative technology in 1987. Fourteen of her students have won research awards or awards in national competition for their innovative contributions to plant cell and tissue culture.

Professor Weathers initiated and has served as the Director of the WPI Plant Research Group. This research group is a model for interdisciplinary research and problem solving. The group has brought together professors and students from 5 different academic departments to collaborate on the many challenging topics related to plant physiology. The group's success has led to grants from a range of funding agencies: NSF, USDA, NIH and NASA. The excellent training associated with the group has been recognized by the US Department of Agriculture, which on 2 occasions has granted her prestigious USDA Ph.D. Fellowships.

Professor Weathers has been the invited speaker at many conferences and workshops, she has served as a reviewer on 8 national review panels, and reviews documents for several journals. She won the 1995 YWCA Katherine Erskine Award for Outstanding Women in Science and Medicine in Central Massachusetts.

In recognition of her many significant contributions to the field of plant science, it is with pride that Pamela Weathers is named the recipient of the 2000 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship. Attested to this day, 25 April 2000, by the Committee on Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship.

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