2002 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching Recipient

Professor Chrysanthe Demetry

An outstanding teacher is a person who directly causes learning: someone who inspires, motivates, and influences students not only in the classroom but throughout their lives. The outstanding teacher helps students discover in themselves untapped sources of intellectual energy, and helps to trigger and focus the student's natural curiosity. The outstanding teacher makes an indelible impression on the student. This year we recognize Professor Chrys Demetry as an outstanding teacher in every sense.

For her innovative techniques in the classroom, Professor Demetry has received recognition in the form of regional and national teaching awards. One student, who admitted to taking her class only because it was a required non-major course, stated that "she made the lectures and class activities interesting and engaging. More important than the fact that she tried to make the class interesting, though, was the fact that she succeeded." Her ability to stimulate and extend the interest of students into new areas is a remarkable gift.

In addition to her skills as a "crystal clear" lecturer, Professor Demetry is also recognized as an excellent advisor and mentor. A former project advisee noted that she "works very hard at her job, is extremely fair, and is very good at giving feedback and encouragement." She encourages students to take responsibility for the learning process, and not only teaches her subject matter but also takes the time to help students develop communication and teamwork skills. Professor Demetry is highly approachable: said one student, "on any given day you can walk by her office and see her in a discussion with a student."

Most importantly, she brings "a positive attitude and limitless enthusiasm" to her roles as teacher, advisor, and member of the WPI community. In addition to her work in the classroom, Professor Demetry has volunteered time for activities such as APO's service auction and WPI's Camp REACH. "She cares immensely about the quality of her students' experiences and is always willing to offer her students and advisees any help they need." In the words of an alumnus, she shows "an unwavering desire to see her students learn and grow as engineers." In what perhaps may be the highest praise of all, one student noted that Professor Demetry had inspired her to pursue a career in teaching.

For her qualities as an innovative classroom teacher, hard-working project advisor, and caring colleague in a learning community, we are proud to honor Professor Chrys Demetry with the 2002 Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching.

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