2012 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching Recipient

Sergey Makarov

"Professor Makarov is the most dedicated educator I have encountered in my life."

So remarks one of the many undergraduate students who have taken Professor Makarov’s introductory class for both ECE and non-ECE majors.

Maybe it was the effort he made to memorize all the students’ names during the first week of class or the 7:00am help sessions that he held to accommodate the few students that could only meet at that time, or maybe the hours he spent helping the TA’s during their own help sessions, making sure that all the students’ questions were answered.

Whatever the case, one Mechanical Engineering student was impressed enough to write extensively about the dedication, enthusiasm and encouragement of this humble ECE professor.

Commenting on the weekly lab sessions, this same student writes,

"During labs he was constantly running (sprinting) around speaking with each set of students, encouraging us to not only follow the lab handout but to go one step further and do some of our own experimentation. Often I would ask, "What if we combined these circuits...?" His response would be, "Do it and then try to understand what is happening!" He encouraged me to innovate rather than just follow, and he was always there to provide guidance. Many of the things I have learned from him have been reinforced because of his style."

And what about his teaching? "Phenomenal." As one student put it.

"Many professors simply lecture or flip through Power Point slides making even the most interesting subjects difficult to focus on. Professor Makarov is so passionate about teaching his students ... that many times I found myself sitting next to my fellow classmates disappointed, as he would announce that it was time for class to end. This was the case even after I had stayed up all night working on MQP or when I had only managed four hours of sleep after riding 76 miles on my bicycle the day before."

Written by another student ...

"In class he kept the students engaged by calling on them, but if he saw that the student did not understand the question or know the answer, he would go through the problem step-by-step to the solution. Many times he would end up with chalk all over his hands, face and clothes, because he was so zealously writing on the board and not wasting the time to pick up the eraser."

And another...

"His feedback on the exams was very helpful and he did not penalize excessively for small mistakes, rather, he would take the time to write comments to show exactly where the solution provided by the student went wrong."

And finally ...

"I was very sick for an entire week and wasn’t able to go to class as much as I wanted (which meant I was rather behind on quiz material). He helped me with what I was stuck on and let me take the quiz a few days later."

Therefore, based on his demonstrated passion and dedication to teaching, his willingness to go beyond all expectations, and his true caring of each individual student it is an honor and privilege for us to present the 2012 Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Teaching to Professor Sergey Makarov. Your students have spoken!

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