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Author Name Title Department Date
Aboulezz, Mohamed AMapping the Construction Engineering and Management Discipline Civil & Environmental Engineering 2000-02-18
Abu-Lail, Nehal IbrahimThe Effect of Biopolymer Properties on Bacterial Adhesion: an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Study Chemical Engineering 2003-09-12
Abu-Lail, Laila I.An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Bacterial Adhesion to Natural Organic Matter-Coated Surfaces In the Environment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-04-24
abu-lail, laila I.removal of chloroform and MTBE from water by adsorption onto granular zeolites: equilibrium, kinetic, and mathematical modeling study Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-11-15
Acheampong, Osman KPricing Mortgage-Backed Securities using Prepayment Functions and Pathwise Monte Carlo Simulation. Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-28
Ada, Sena Investigating the Adhesive Strength and Morphology of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2010-08-25
Adamczyk, Anne Marie Electromagnetic Nucleus - Nucleus Cross Sections using Energy Dependent Branching Ratios Physics 2009-04-21
Adams, Daniel AlanOptimal Load Balancing in a Beowulf Cluster Computer Science 2005-04-25
Adams, Albert A.Effects of Extremity Armor on Metabolic Cost and Gait Biomechanics Biomedical Engineering 2010-05-26
Adilov, Salimgrey Design of Porphyrin Solids: Zn•••NO2 Recognition, Multi-Step Single Crystal to Single Crystal Transformations and Cofacial Dimers Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008-07-08
Adler, Jonathan DGraph Decompositions and Monadic Second Order Logic Mathematical Sciences 2008-04-30
Agheli Hajiabadi, Mohammad Mahdi Analytical Workspace, Kinematics, and Foot Force Based Stability of Hexapod Walking Robots Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-09
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso A MATLAB Program to implement the band-pass method for discovering relevant scales in surface roughness measurement Mathematical Sciences 2010-01-14
Ahlehagh, Hasti Techniques for Communication and Geolocation using Wireless Ad hoc Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-07-23
Ahlfors, Jan-Eric WilhelmA Comparative Analysis of the Biomechanics and Biochemistry of Cell-Derived and Cell-Remodeled Matrices: Implications for Wound Healing and Regenerative Medicine Biomedical Engineering 2004-04-24
Ahmad, Saad Modeling the Discharge Loading of Radio Frequency Excited CO2 Slab lasers Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-11-07
Akdemir, Kahraman DaglarWavelength Conversion Using Reconfigurable Photonic Crystal MEMS/NEMS Structures Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-01-10
Akdemir, Kahraman D.Error Detection Techniques Against Strong Adversaries Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-10-28
Akgul, Ferit OzanModeling the Behavior of Multipath Components Pertinent to Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-18
Akis, B. Ceylan Preparation of Pd-Ag/PSS Composite Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering 2003-10-07
Al Ananzeh, Nada Oxidation Processes: Experimental Study and Theoretical Investigations Chemical Engineering 2004-04-27
Al-Kouz, Wael G.Investigation of Supersonic Gas Flows into Nanochannels Using an Unstructured 3D Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-19
Alavi, Bardia Distance Measurement Error Modeling for Time-of-Arrival Based Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-04-27
Alborz, Nakisa A Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Framework for Certified Sustainable Higher Education (HE) Residence Halls Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-05-09
Alborzfard, Nakisa Life Cycle Cost Analysis Framework of Green Features in Buildings Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-12-13
Allain, Florent Evaluation of the Classical Reaction Engineering models in terms of mass transport and reaction rate distribution for low tube-to-particle diameter ratio beds. Chemical Engineering 2011-04-26
Alley, Peter JIntroductory Microcontroller Programming Robotics Engineering 2011-04-28
Almås, Johannes Building Performance Evaluation: An Organization for Documentation Fire Protection Engineering 2002-08-22
Almeida, Joao CarlosStrategic Issues in Lean Construction and the Higher Education Construction Market Sector Civil & Environmental Engineering 2002-08-14
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad AbdullahAn Analysis of Oil Combustion on Snow Fire Protection Engineering 2014-04-30
Alsindi, Nayef AliPerformance of TOA Estimation Algorithms in Different Indoor Multipath Conditions Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-26
Alsindi, Nayef Indoor Cooperative Localization for Ultra Wideband Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-10
Alston, Jarrod JohnRoom/Corner Fire Calibration Data: Marine Composite Screening Specimens Fire Protection Engineering 2004-05-17
Alvarez Rodriguez, Alberto An integrated framework for the next generation of Risk-Informed Performance-Based Design approach used in Fire Safety Engineering Fire Protection Engineering 2012-12-14
Alvarez-Romero, Sergio OmarUse of Building Information Modeling technology in the integration of the handover process and facilities management Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-07-16
Amaral, Lizabeth PereiraDevelopmentally Interesting Cytokines Upregulated During Human Stem Cell Amplification In Vitro Biology & Biotechnology 2002-04-12
Amendolare, Vincent ThomasSynchronization in an Indoor Precision Location System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-05-04
Amendolare, Vincent T.Transactional Array Reconciliation Tomography for Precision Indoor Location Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-01
AMPADU, EBENEZER Implementation of Some Finite Difference Methods for the Pricing of Derivatives using C++ Programming. Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-19
Ananthakrishnan, Shilpa P-type ATPases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-06-19
Anderson, Scott KennethQualitative Study of the Effect of a Compartment Enclosure on Fire Plume Entrainment Fire Protection Engineering 1998-05-01
Anderson, Evan VAtomic Force Microscopy: Lateral-Force Calibration and Force-Curve Analysis Physics 2012-04-25
Andersson, Eva LottaAnalysis of Various Bioreactor Configurations for Heavy Metal Removal Using the Fungus Penicillium ochro-chloron Biology & Biotechnology 1999-05-01
Andreeva, Tatiana A.Ultrasonic Technique in Determination of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow Characteristics Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-09
Andrei, Mihnea StefanA discrete model for the default risk of inter-banking networks Mathematical Sciences 2014-05-01
Andrews, Michael J.An Information Theoretic Hierarchical Classifier for Machine Vision Electrical & Computer Engineering 1999-05-03
Apte, Anuja DSimulation of patch antennas on arbitrary dielectric substrates. Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-05-09
Arakelian, Andrea KatherineStrength Analysis of Bolted Shear Connections Under Fire Conditions Using the Finite Element Approach Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-12-09
Arca, Turkan Attempts to clone the Limulus ependymin gene, and the effects of a human ependymin peptide on human SHSY neuroblastoma cells Biology & Biotechnology 2005-04-19
Arecco, Daniel Analysis and preliminary characterization of a MEMS cantilever-type chemical sensor Mechanical Engineering 2003-12-19
Arora, Bhupinder SDetection of polysaccharides on a bacterial cell surface using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2003-08-26
Arsenault, Patrick RyanEffects of Developmental Stage, Exogenous Sugar Composition, and Reactive Oxygen Species on Artemisinin and Related Compounds in Artemisia annua Biology & Biotechnology 2010-04-15
Askarinejad, Sina Deformation Mechanisms in Bioinspired Multilayered Materials Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-10
Assad, Muhammad AliA Real-Time Laboratory Testbed For Evaluating Localization Performance Of WIFI RFID Technologies Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-24
Asselin, Daniel JosephCharacterization of the Near-Plume Region of a Low-Current Hollow Cathode Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-26
Asumeng-Denteh, Emmanuel Transaction costs and resampling in mean-variance portfolio optimization Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
Atabek, Arzu Investigating Bacterial Outer Membrane Polymers and Bacterial Interactions with Organic Molecules Using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2006-08-22
Augustine, Alexander SullivanSupported Pd and Pd/Alloy Membranes for Water-Gas Shift Catalytic Membrane Reactors Chemical Engineering 2013-04-08
Aull, Malia ElizabethWater Quality Indicators in Watershed Subbasins with Multiple Land Uses Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-18
Avalos, Ana MHMA1 and HMA6 are essential components of metal homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana Chemistry & Biochemistry 2004-05-03
Avanessian, Alfred An Analysis of The Effect of 3-D Groove Insert Design on Chip Breaking Chart Manufacturing Engineering 2005-01-14
Avcioglu-Ayturk, Mubeccel Didem A Simulation of Industry and Occupation Codes in 1970 and 1980 U.S Census Mathematical Sciences 2005-06-01
Averill, Jason D.Performance-Based Codes: Economics, Documentation, and Design Fire Protection Engineering 1998-04-02
Avila, Melissa BarterThe Effect of Resin Type and Glass Content on the Fire Engineering Properties of Typical FRP Composites Fire Protection Engineering 2007-04-02
Ayturk, Mahmut Engin Synthesis, Annealing Strategies and in-situ Characterization of Thermally Stable Composite Thin Pd/Ag Alloy Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering 2007-04-24

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