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Author Name Title Department Date
Dabros, Marta Pharmaceutical Polymorphs, Cocrystals and Solid Solutions Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-01-15
Daempfling, Hauke CDesign and Implementation of the Precision Personnel Locator Digital Transmitter System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-12-11
Dahlgren, Eric DSmall Angle Light Scattering Analysis of Tissue Chemical Engineering 2001-01-01
Dai, Xiaoshu Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds from Electrospun PVA/inorganic Sol Precursors Materials Science & Engineering 2006-04-21
Dai, Xiaoshu Synthesis and Processing of Polymers for Biomedical Applications Materials Science & Engineering 2010-05-03
Dai, Chen Development of Aluminum Dross-based Material for Engineering Application Materials Science & Engineering 2011-08-25
Dai, Chenyun Cross-Comparison of Three Electromyogram Decomposition Algorithms Assessed with Simulated and Experimental Data Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-03-01
Daigle, William RAssessment of Swimming Performance, Body Size and Aggression in a Dwarf Cichlid, Nannacara anomala Biology & Biotechnology 2001-08-03
Dailey, Matthew DLearning the Effectiveness of Content and Methodology in an Intelligent Tutoring System Computer Science 2011-05-02
Dancus, Andrei ArthurGarbage Collection for Java Distributed Objects Computer Science 2001-04-23
Dang, Zhe Financial Mathematics Project Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-24
Dasari, Paul Krupaker ReddyCharacterization and Compensation of Hysteretic Cardiac Respiratory Motion in Myocardial Perfusion Studies Through MRI Investigations Biomedical Engineering 2014-04-24
David, Christopher Leonidas All Digital, Background Calibration for Time-Interleaved and Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converters Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-13
Davis, Michael P.Low-Order Modeling of Freely Vibrating Flexible Cables Mechanical Engineering 2001-05-08
Day, Andrew HunterOptimization of a Micro Aerial Vehicle Planform Using Genetic Algorithms Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-31
De Anda, Michael ATRANS-Gression: the game Interactive Media and Game Development 2013-04-24
de Barros, Paulo Evaluation of Multi-sensory Feedback in Virtual and Real Remote Environments in a USAR Robot Teleoperation Scenario Computer Science 2014-03-12
De Jesus, Larry Effects of artificial polyploidy in transformed roots of Artemisia annua L. Biology & Biotechnology 2003-04-18
Delcroix, Sophie M.Bayesian Analysis of Cancer Mortality Rates from Different Types and their Relative Occurrences Mathematical Sciences 1999-12-06
Dell'Orfano, Michael E Fire Behavior and Fuel Modeling of Flammable Shrub Understories in Northeastern Pine-Oak Forests Fire Protection Engineering 1996-08-01
Deng, Qingxiong Exploiting Diversity in Broadband Wireless Relay Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-06-12
Denham, Jeremy EA Feature-Oriented Software Engineering Approach Supporting Extension and Testing Computer Science 2009-12-17
Dennen, Katherine FayeSynthesis of Ammonium, Sodium, and Potassium Fluoroionohpores Chemistry & Biochemistry 2002-08-19
Desabrais, Kenneth J.Velocity Field Measurements in the Near Wake of a Parachute Canopy Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-29
Deschler, Kurt WMASS: A Multi-Axis Storage Structure for Large XML Documents Computer Science 2002-04-29
Deshpande, Anjali WStudy and characetrization of plastic encapsulated packages for MEMS Mechanical Engineering 2005-01-12
Deshpande, Jayesh UThe Effect of Mechanical Mold Vibration On the Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys Manufacturing Engineering 2006-09-15
Desrosiers, Mary ElizabethPrices of Credit Default Swaps and the Term Structure of Credit Risk Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-01
DeWeese, Jackson PaulMarkowitz-style Quartic Optimization for the Improvement of Leveraged ETF Trading Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-25
Dewhirst, Brian AOptimization of the Heat Treatment of Semi Solid Processed A356 Aluminum Alloy Materials Science & Engineering 2005-10-11
Dewhirst, Brian ACastability Control in Metal Casting via Fluidity Measures: Application of Error Analysis to Variations in Fluidity Testing Materials Science & Engineering 2008-12-05
Diallo, Nafi CThe Valuation of Credit Default Swaps Mathematical Sciences 2005-12-17
Dick, Frank AlbertScalar Field Theories of Nucleon Interactions Physics 2007-04-19
Dickson, Brett WilliamWireless Communication Options for a Mobile Ultrasound System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-08-28
Diem, Matthew M.Development of a combined hot isostatic pressing and solution heat-treat process for the cost effective densification of critical aluminum castings Manufacturing Engineering 2003-01-07
Dieselman, John ConradComparison of Alternative Rigid Sternal Fixation Techniques Biomedical Engineering 2010-11-11
Dimitrova, Katica Order-sensitive View Maintenance of Materialized XQuery Views Computer Science 2003-04-17
Ding, Luping Metadata-Aware Query Processing over Data Streams Computer Science 2008-04-18
Ditch, Benjamin D.Thermal Decomposition Products Testing With 1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5 nonafluoro-4-trifluoromethyl pentan-3-one (C6 F-ketone) During Fire Extinguishing Fire Protection Engineering 2000-12-03
Dong, Yijun Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling Project Report Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-23
Donkor, Simon Performance Measurement in the eCommerce Industry. Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-28
Doshi, Punit RameshchandraAdaptive Prefetching for Visual Data Exploration Computer Science 2003-01-16
Doshi, Kshama JDirect cell seeding on collagen-coated silicone mandrels to generate cell-derived tissue tubes Biomedical Engineering 2009-08-28
Dougherty, Shelley A.Template-assisted fabrication of nano-biomaterials Materials Science & Engineering 2009-04-29
Douglas, Robert E., Jr.SNEAKERS: A Concurrent Engineering Demonstration System Computer Science 1998-10-20
Dresher, Russell PaulWearable Forehead Pulse Oximetry: Minimization of Motion and Pressure Artifacts Biomedical Engineering 2006-04-26
Driscoll, Michael T.A Machine Vision System for Capture and Interpretation of an Orchestra Conductor's Gestures Electrical & Computer Engineering 1999-04-30
Driscoll, Peter FBioanalytical Applications of Chemically Modified Surfaces Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-12-21
Du, Ruixiang An Intelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance System: Modeling and Image Stitching Robotics Engineering 2013-05-22
Duan, Huanan Synthesis, Integration, and Characterization of Functional Inorganic Nanomaterials Materials Science & Engineering 2009-05-26
Dunkelberg, Jr., John S.FEM Mesh Mapping to a SIMD Machine Using Genetic Algorithms Computer Science 1996-05-01
Dunn, Kyle GeorgeAn Integral Equation Method for Solving Second-Order Viscoelastic Cell Motility Models Mathematical Sciences 2014-05-30
Dunskus, Bertram V.Single Function Agents and their Negotiation Behavior in Expert Systems Computer Science 1994-07-31
Duong, Hien DA Feature-Oriented Software Engineering Approach to Integrate ASSISTments with Learning Management Systems Computer Science 2014-05-29
Duren, Leigh CX-Ray Fluorescence Measurements Of Molten Aluminum Elemental Composition Materials Science & Engineering 2008-01-03
Dutta Bordoloi, Suwodi Interdependence of US Industry Sectors Using Vector Autoregression Mathematical Sciences 2009-12-04

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