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Author Name Title Department Date
Eber, Robert MarkDry Chemical Fire Suppression System Discharge Modeling and Testing Fire Protection Engineering 2000-12-06
Eckert, Lesley Permethrin for Mosquito Control: Drinking Water Impacts and Treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-12-02
Eckman, Robert FrancisLangmuir Probe Measurements in the Plume of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Mechanical Engineering 1999-02-10
Eda, Goki Effects of Solution Rheology on Electrospinning of Polystyrene Materials Science & Engineering 2006-04-20
Eddy, Victoria MA Simulation Study of Warehouse Storage Assignment Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
El Khatib, Wael Boundary Conditions for Granular Flows at Penetrable Vibrating Surfaces: Applications to Inclined Flows of Monosized Assemblies and to Sieving of Binary Mixtures Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-22
El-Sayed, Maged FAn Efficient and Incremental System to Mine Contiguous Frequent Sequences Computer Science 2004-01-30
El-Sayed, Maged FIncremental Maintenance Of Materialized XQuery Views Computer Science 2005-08-09
Elbag Jr., Mark A.Impact of Surrounding Land Uses on Surface Water Quality Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-05-03
Elias, Brian Hazard Assessment of Portable Gasoline Container Flammability Fire Protection Engineering 2011-09-28
Elloian, Jeffrey Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a Novel Electrically Small and Directive Antenna Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-01-17
Emberley, Richard LawrenceA Study into the Behavior of Reinforced-Concrete Columns under Fire Exposures using a Spreadsheet-Based Numerical Model Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-04-11
Emerson, Sean ChristianSynthesis of Nanometer-size Inorganic Materials for the Examination of Particle Size Effects on Heterogeneous Catalysis Chemical Engineering 2000-04-28
Emerson, Ray JenkinsMicrobial Adhesion to Medical Implant Materials: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study Chemical Engineering 2003-12-16
Emerson, Ray JenkinsA Nanoscale Investigation of Pathogenic Microbial Adhesion in Biomaterial Systems Chemical Engineering 2006-04-05
Emery, Paul RalphMulticomponent Cocrystals and Solid Solutions based on a Two-Point Hydrogen Bond Synthon Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-01-16
Endres, Matthew JSpray Cooling of Steel Dies in a Hot Forging Process Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-30
Engstrand, Klas EImprovements to the weak-post W-beam guardrail Civil & Environmental Engineering 2000-06-23
Eren, Elif HMA2. A Transmembrane Zn2+ Transporting ATPase from Arabidopsis thaliana Chemistry & Biochemistry 2007-01-05
Erhardt, Erik BarryBayesian Simultaneous Intervals for Small Areas: An Application to Mapping Mortality Rates in U.S. Health Service Areas Mathematical Sciences 2003-11-24
Ericson, Brett RichardExtraction and Partial Characterization of a Lipophilic, Fungicidal Molecule Associated with Serum Albumins Biology & Biotechnology 2007-11-01
Ernst, Christina LynnA dissection of Kekkon5 and its role in mediating epithelial junction architecture Biology & Biotechnology 2010-04-23
ERVITHAYASUPORN, VUTHICHAI Synthesis and Photochemistry of Pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles Chemistry & Biochemistry 2006-04-20
Eshaq, Hassan Polyhedral Models Mathematical Sciences 2002-04-30
Evans, Emily JenningsExtension Operators and Finite Elements for Fractal Boundary Value Problems Mathematical Sciences 2011-04-21
Eyries, Pascal A Dynamic Distributed-parameter Modeling Approach for Performance Monitoring of Oral Drug Delivery Systems Chemical Engineering 2003-02-10

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