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Author Name Title Department Date
Fakharzadeh, Michael Delivering Stem Cells to the Heart Biomedical Engineering 2010-05-03
Fan, Yangyang Precipitation Strengthening of Aluminum by Transition Metal Aluminides Materials Science & Engineering 2012-04-13
Faneuff, Jeffery JSpatial, Spectral, and Perceptual Nonlinear Noise Reduction for Hands-free Microphones in a Car Electrical & Computer Engineering 2002-07-29
Farah, Toni EReview of Current Estimating Capabilities of the 3d Building Information Model Software to Support Design for Production/Construction Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-06-18
Farfan Arribas, Diego JoseDNA Vaccines Against HIV-1: Augmenting Immunogenicity of gp120 Biology & Biotechnology 2002-01-07
Farmer, Jason ZMulti-Objective Routing Optimization for Multiple Level Priority and Preemption in Multi-Tiered Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-10-19
Farrell, Kimberly A.Synthesis Effects on Grain Size and Phase Content in the Anatase-Rutile TiO2 System Materials Science & Engineering 2000-12-20
Farren, Elizabeth AnneReducing trihalomethane concentrations by using chloramines as a disinfectant Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-04-18
Favreau, John TOscillatory wall strain reduction precedes arterial intimal hyperplasia in a murine model Biomedical Engineering 2014-04-16
Fay, Terry SDevelopment of an Improved Fabric Flammability Test Fire Protection Engineering 2002-05-30
Fei, Bingxin Computational Methods for Option Pricing Mathematical Sciences 2011-05-02
Feng, Mingyu Towards Assessing Students’ Fine Grained Knowledge: Using an Intelligent Tutor for Assessment Computer Science 2009-08-25
Feng, Yu Disjunction of Regular Timing Diagrams Computer Science 2010-10-12
Ferguson, David CIntramolecular Energy Transfer in Polychromophores that Utilize Peptide Bridging Groups Chemistry & Biochemistry 2000-04-26
Ferreira, Michael J. Barrier Performance Utilizing Normalized Heat Load as Part of an Engineering Based Building Fire Protection Analysis Method Fire Protection Engineering 1993-12-01
Ferreira, Kurt JosefFault Location for Power Transmission Systems Using Magnetic Field Sensing Coils Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-05-07
Ficociello, Laura FaracoNeuronal Migration: Investigating Interactions of the Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein MIG-10 in C. elegans Biology & Biotechnology 2008-01-09
Figueroa, Shana SuzanneIon Scattering in a Self-Consistent Cylindrical Plasma Sheath Mechanical Engineering 2006-05-08
Filipe, Daniel VModifying and Measuring the Stiffness of a Regenerative Cardiac Scaffold In Vitro Biomedical Engineering 2010-12-13
Findon, Matthew M.Semi-Solid Slurry Formation Via Liquid Metal Mixing Materials Science & Engineering 2003-07-11
Fiore, Daniel FHigh Strength Bonding of Sapphire Materials Science & Engineering 2002-08-27
Fisher, Charles EdwardThe Effects of a Navier-Slip Boundary Condition on the Flow of Two Immiscible Fluids in a Microchannel Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-25
Fitzpatrick, Robert JDesigning and Constructing an Animatronic Head Capable of Human Motion Programmed using Face-Tracking Software Robotics Engineering 2012-05-01
Flaherty, Erin Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein MIG-10 Interacts With Abelson Target ABI-1 During Neuronal Migration In C. Elegans Biology & Biotechnology 2014-05-01
Flanagan, Nevin Tilt and Multitouch Input for Tablet Play of Real-Time Strategy Games Interactive Media and Game Development 2014-04-28
Fleys, Matthieu SimonWater Behavior in hydrophobic porous materials. Comparison between Silicalite and Dealuminated Zeolite Y by Molecular Dynamic Simulations. Chemical Engineering 2004-01-15
floyd, stuart Data Mining Techniques for Prognosis in Pancreatic Cancer Computer Science 2007-04-26
Flynn, Dara SMechanical Behavior Analysis of a Carbon-Carbon Composite for Use in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Materials Science & Engineering 2003-10-30
Foley, Brian M.A System for Detecting the Position of a Molten Aluminum Metal-Front within a Precision Sand Mold Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-12-15
Fontecchio, Marco Quench Probe and Quench Factor Analysis of Aluminum Alloys in Distilled Water Materials Science & Engineering 2002-04-29
Forbes-Summers, Elijah Trying to Reduce Gaming Behavior by Students in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Computer Science 2010-04-27
Fragachan, Jose MAccelerated Testing Methodology for Evaluating Pavement Patching Materials Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-04-30
Freeman, Andre Dual-Eulerian Graphs with Applications to VLSI Design Mathematical Sciences 2003-05-30
Freeman, Gregory EdwardLow Temperature Calorimetry and Alkali-Activated Slags Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-04-28
Freitas, Paul MichaelFeature-Oriented Specification of Hardware Bus Protocols Computer Science 2008-05-05
Frenn, Evan Towards a Trustworthy Thin Terminal for Securing Enterprise Networks Computer Science 2013-04-25
Frey, Margo TilleyDevelopment of a substrate with photo-modulatable rigidity for probing spatial and temporal responses of cells to mechanical signals Biomedical Engineering 2008-08-04
Freyberger, Jonathan EUsing Association Rules to Guide a Search for Best Fitting Transfer Models of Student Learning Computer Science 2004-04-22
Friedman, Sheldon The Effects of Dynamic Decision Making on Resource Allocation: The Case of Pavement Management Social Science & Policy Studies 2003-04-25
Fu, Ruijun Empirical RF Propagation Modeling of Human Body Motions for Activity Classification Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-11-18

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