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Author Name Title Department Date
Haas, Kathleen Modeling Blood Cell Concentration in a Dialysis Cartridge Mathematical Sciences 2010-04-29
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Performance Chemical Engineering 2005-05-05
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Performance Chemical Engineering 2005-05-05
Hagg, Heather Large System Transformation within Healthcare Organizations utilizing Lean Deployment Strategies Manufacturing Engineering 2013-11-22
Hallinan, Shawn E.Paired Comparison Models for Ranking National Soccer Teams Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-05
Hammel, Jeffrey RobertDevelopment of an Unstructured 3-D Direct Simulation Monte Carlo/Particle-in-Cell Code and the Simulation of Microthruster Flows Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-08
Hammouri, Ghaith Cryptographic Primitives from Physical Variables Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-06-02
Han, Jinyi Kinetic and Morphological Studies of Pd Oxidation in O2-CH4 mixtures Chemical Engineering 2004-04-27
Han, Wei Computational and experimental investigations of laser drilling and welding for microelectronic packaging Mechanical Engineering 2004-05-10
Hansen, Richard L.Risk-Based Fire Research Decision Methodology Fire Protection Engineering 1999-05-04
Hanson, Philip A Unified Representation for Dialogue and Action in Computer Games: Bridging the Gap Between Talkers and Fighters Computer Science 2010-05-14
Harrington, Ellery JDevelopment of an Optoelectronic Holographic Platform for Otolaryngology Applications Computer Science 2009-12-16
Harty, Daniel D.Novel Design of a Wideband Ribcage-Dipole Array and its Feeding Network Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-12-17
Hatami, Ahmad Application of Channel Modeling for Indoor Localization Using TOA and RSS Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-05-31
Hatch, Nicholas AdamRadar Based Estimation of Asymmetric Target Inertial Parameters Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-02-08
Hawkins, Kevin MichaelDevelopment of an Automated Anesthesia System for the Stabilization of Physiological Parameters in Rodents Biomedical Engineering 2003-04-21
Hawkins, William JBoredom and student modeling in intelligent tutoring systems Computer Science 2014-04-23
Hawley, Harmonie ATCE Removal Utilizing Coupled Zeolite Sorption and Advanced Oxidation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-04-18
Hayward, John TMining Oncology Data: Knowledge Discovery in Clinical Performance of Cancer Patients Computer Science 2006-08-24
He, Shiquan A Review of Linear Regression and some Basic Proofs for Lasso Mathematical Sciences 2010-01-14
He, Wenmin Cooperative Channel State Information Dissemination Schemes in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-05-01
Heath, Douglas Factors Affecting Occupant Risk of Knee-Thigh-Hip Injury in Frontal Vehicle Collisions Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-22
Heidari, Mohammad A Testbed for Real-Time Performance Evaluation of RSS-based Indoor Geolocation Systems in Laboratory Environment Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-28
Heidari, Mohammad Identification and Modeling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Direct Path Component in ToA-Based Indoor Localization Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-24
Henning, Erica C.NMR Characterization of Pathological Disease States: Monitoring Response to Single-Dose Radiotherapy in a RIF-1 Tumor Model and the Role of Spreading Depression in the Evolution of Ischemic Stroke Biomedical Engineering 2005-04-06
Hera, Adriana Instantaneous Modal Parameters and Their Applications to Structural Health Monitoring Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-01
Hergunsel, Mehmet FuatBenefits of Building Information Modeling for Construction Managers and BIM Based Scheduling Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-21
Heslinga, Paul Analysis and Realization of a Dual-Nacelle Tiltrotor Aerial Vehicle Robotics Engineering 2014-04-28
Hetrick, Todd MDevelopment and Validation of a Modified Clean Agent Draining Model for Total Flooding Fire Suppression Systems Fire Protection Engineering 2008-10-06
Hill, Jonathan Efficient Implementation of Mesh Generation and FDTD Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields Electrical & Computer Engineering 1996-08-01
Hinds, Heather CEvaluating Terminal Differentiation of Porcine Valvular Interstitial Cells In Vitro Biology & Biotechnology 2006-05-04
Hirsch, Erica Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Fibroblast Cells Treated with Ependymin Peptide Mimetics Biology & Biotechnology 2005-05-11
Ho, San-Ping Water Spray Suppression and Intensification of High Flash Point Hydrocarbon Pool Fires Fire Protection Engineering 2003-07-23
Hoang, Ha Structural Continuity Effects in Steel Frames under Fire Conditions Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-22
Hobbs, Bryan Improving Educational Content: A Web- based Intelligent Tutoring System with Support for Teacher Collaboration Computer Science 2013-04-19
Hogan, Patrick AlanPrediction and Reduction of Die Soldering. Materials Science & Engineering 2008-04-30
Holl, David J.A Performance Analysis of TCP and STP Implementations and Proposals for New QoS Classes for TCP/IP Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-10
Holl, Jr., David J.State-Space Approaches to Ultra-Wideband Doppler Processing Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-27
Holroyd, Aaron Generating Engagement Behaviors in Human-Robot Interaction Computer Science 2011-04-26
Hong, Deli The ligand dependent interactions between cytoplasmic domains in Cu+ transporter, Archaeoglobus fulgidus Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-05-06
Horvath, Nathan RosendoInlet Vortex Formation Under Crosswind Conditions Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-19
Howard, Patricia AnnAnalysis of Mesh Strategies for Rapid Source Location in Chemical/Biological Attacks Mathematical Sciences 2004-05-05
Howes, Stuart CDesign of a Noninvasive System for the Evaluation of Collagen Scaffolds Using MRI Biomedical Engineering 2007-05-21
Hsu, Chen-Ming Electrospinning of Poly(£`-Caprolactone) Materials Science & Engineering 2003-04-28
Hu, Qing Predictor Selection in Linear Regression: L1 regularization of a subset of parameters and Comparison of L1 regularization and stepwise selection Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-14
Hu, Yin An Efficient Scheme to Provide Real-time Memory Integrity Protection Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-04-24
Hu, Jason ZAssessment of Ascorbic Acid Effects on the Properties of Cell-Derived Tissue Rings Biomedical Engineering 2010-06-24
Hu, Moqing Design, synthesis and Applications of Metal Organic Framework Chemistry & Biochemistry 2011-09-02
Hu, Yin Improving the Efficiency of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-22
Hu, Junling Barrier Option Pricing under SABR Model Using Monte Carlo Methods Mathematical Sciences 2013-05-03
Huang, Shiping Exploratory Visualization of Data with Variable Quality Computer Science 2004-10-21
Huang, Fang Modeling Patterns of Small Scale Spatial Variation in Soil Mathematical Sciences 2005-12-09
Huang, Wei Automatic Affine and Elastic Registration Strategies for Multi-dimensional Medical Images Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-26
Huang, Xueying Segmentation of Patient-Specific 3D Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images of Human Right Ventricle Mathematical Sciences 2008-03-13
Huang, Xueying In Vivo MRI-Based Three-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Models and Mechanical Image Analysis for Human Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques Mathematical Sciences 2009-04-27
Huang, Shiping A Genetic Algorithm for Fixture Synthesis and Variation Manufacturing Engineering 2011-05-31
Huang, Fei Electrophysiological Studies of a Retinal Prosthetic Prototype Chemistry & Biochemistry 2012-09-26
Hulli, Nesim Development of an optoelectronic holographic otoscope system for characterization of sound-induced displacements in tympanic membranes Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-15
Hunter, Ally Indole-3-Acetic Acid as a Quorum-sensing Molecule in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biology & Biotechnology 2007-11-06
Huynh, Nguyen Digital Control and Monitoring Methods for Nonlinear Processes Chemical Engineering 2006-08-09

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