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Author Name Title Department Date
Ibrahim, Karim Management of Big Annotations in Relational Database Management Systems Computer Science 2014-04-10
Icev, Aleksandar DARM: Distance-Based Association Rule Mining Computer Science 2003-04-25
Ierardi, James A.A Computer Model of Fire Spread from Engine to Passenger Compartments in Post-Collision Vehicles Fire Protection Engineering 1999-04-23
Ierardi, James ArthurCharacterizing the Entry Resistance of Smoke Detectors Fire Protection Engineering 2005-05-11
Ilo-Okeke, Ebubechukwu OdidikaGuided-wave atom interferometers with Bose-Einstein condensate Physics 2012-04-23
Infantino, Shanna Investment Analysis: Evaluating the Loss and Risk of a Stocks and Options Portfolio Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-26
Iourtchenko, Daniil VOptimal Bounded Control and Relevant Response Analysis for Random Vibrations Mechanical Engineering 2001-05-08
iyer, vishwanath Broadband Impedance Matching of Antenna Radiators Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-09-29
Iyer, Sidharth SureshModeling and Testing of a Series Elastic Actuator with Controllable Damping Mechanical Engineering 2012-01-11

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