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Author Name Title Department Date
Kadhum, Saly Kadhum SaadEvaluation of the Effect of Flowing Water through Embedded Pipe on Rutting Of Pavement Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-21
Kafle, Rudra PrasadTheoretical Study of Bose-Einstein Condensate-Based Atom Michelson Interferometers Physics 2012-04-24
Kalakonda, Parvathalu Thermal Physical Properties Of Nanocomposites Of Complex Fluids Physics 2013-05-31
Kaltofen, Marco Paul JohannMicroanalysis of Heterogeneous Radiation in Particulate Matter as an Aid to Nuclear Source Identification Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-08-04
Kamaloo, Elaheh Molecular Modeling of Adsorbed NDMA in MFI Zeolites Chemical Engineering 2013-04-25
Kambara, Taketoshi Myosin IX: A Single-Headed Processive Motor Biology & Biotechnology 2005-06-14
Kanaan, Muzaffer Node Density and Quality of Estimation for Infrastructure-based Indoor Geolocation Using Time of Arrival Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-04
Kanani, Chirantan Cell Printing: A novel method to seed cells onto biological scaffolds Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-20
Kandasamy, Sivakumar PIn vivo monitoring of collagen-sponge remodeling using MRI Biomedical Engineering 2007-03-26
Kane, Bintou Consistently Updating XML Documents Using Incremental checks With XQueries Computer Science 2003-02-03
Kanetkar, Kavita VijayFormal Analysis of Component Adaptation Techniques Computer Science 2002-04-19
Kang, Yuezhuang Computer-Aided Fixture Design Verification Manufacturing Engineering 2001-12-07
Kannan, Gangadharan Selective Flooding for Better QoS Routing Computer Science 2000-04-10
Kannan, Hariharan TCP-Carson: A loss-event based Adaptive AIMD algorithm for Long-lived Flows Computer Science 2003-04-29
Kaplan, Murad Predicting Performance for Reading News Online from within a Web Browser Sandbox Computer Science 2012-01-06
kapoor, varun Mechanism of Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease A-beta Induced Neuronal Degeneration in Cultured Human SHSY Cells Using A Neurotrophic Ependymin Mimetic. Biology & Biotechnology 2007-07-18
Kaps, Jens-Peter ECryptography for Ultra-Low Power Devices Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-05-01
Karabelchtchikova, Olga Fundamentals of Mass Transfer in Gas Carburizing Materials Science & Engineering 2007-12-18
Karakoyunlu, Deniz Efficient Side-Channel Aware Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over Prime Fields Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-08-08
Karki, Rabin Fresh Analysis of Streaming Media Stored on the Web Computer Science 2011-01-10
Karlsson, Jessica EDesign of a non-snagging guardrail post Civil & Environmental Engineering 2000-06-23
Kashuri, Klaida Calorimetric and Dielectric Studies of Self-assembled Bio-molecules in an Aqueous Environment Physics 2013-11-26
Kasi, Patrick KCharacterization of Motor Unit Discharge Rate in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-04-27
Kaska, Jennifer LynnEpendymin Mechanism of Action: Full Length EPN VS Peptide CMX-8933 Biology & Biotechnology 2003-05-28
Katz, Allan ADesign of a High Speed Hydraulic On/Off Valve Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-28
Kauffman, John GabrielDesign of a High Impedance Preamplifier for Coil Arrays Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-20
Kayabasi, Cezmi Settling Time Measurement Techniques Achieving High Precision at High Speeds Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-27
Keating, Jennifer Relating forearm muscle electrical activity to finger forces Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-30
Keegan, Christopher JamesBuilding Information Modeling in Support of Space Planning and Renovations in Colleges and Universities Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-26
Keenaghan, Kevin MichaelA Novel Non-Acoustic Voiced Speech Sensor: Experimental Results and Characterization Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-12-19
Kehrer, Paul HReaching More Students: A Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System with support for Offline Access Computer Science 2012-04-24
Kelly, Devin WWA Practical Distributed Spectrum Sensing System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-25
Kemble, Jonathan Display of Multi-Attribute Data Using a Presentation Description Language Computer Science 1994-08-24
Kenniston, Jody LynnCurrent Issues Surrounding the Quality of Construction Documents Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-04-18
Kent, David EConstruction of a 3D Object Recognition and Manipulation Database from Grasp Demonstrations Robotics Engineering 2014-04-07
Khair, Ishrak The spiral-pole antenna: An electrically small, resonant hybrid dipole with structural modification for inherent reactance cancellation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-08-22
Khakpour, Yasmin Numerical and Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement using Phase Change Materials Mechanical Engineering 2014-04-28
Khambekar, Jayant VijayModels for Compaction and Ejection of Powder Metal Parts Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-14
Khambekar, Jayant VijayKinetic Theory for Anisotropic Thermalization and Transport of Vibrated Granular Material Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-30
Khan, Tania NurDesign and Performance of a Localized Fiber Optic, Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Prototype Device for the Detection of the Metabolic Status of ulnerable Plaque”: in-vitro Investigation of Human Carotid Plaque Biomedical Engineering 2002-12-18
Khan, Umair IComputational Techniques for Comparative Performance Evaluation of RF Localization inside the Human Body Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-28
Khlif, Wassim Design of Tunable Low-Noise Amplifier in 0.13um CMOS Technology for Multistandard RF Transceivers Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-23
Kight, Amanda C.Optimization of a Technique for Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging of Oxygen Tension in the Mouse Retina Biomedical Engineering 2002-04-24
Kiley, Erin MA Computational Approach to Determining the Intrinsic Impedance of Perforated Metal Sheets Mathematical Sciences 2011-05-04
Kim, Minchong Proportional Integrator with Short-lived flows Adjustment Computer Science 2004-01-29
Kim, Yoonsoo Addressing the Data Recency Problem in Collaborative Filtering Systems Computer Science 2004-09-23
Kim, Mihyun EstherA Study on Pulsation In Runehamar Tunnel Fire Tests With Forced Longitudinal Ventilation Fire Protection Engineering 2006-09-15
Kim, Jin Kyung A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of Buildings Fire Protection Engineering 2014-04-25
King, Christopher T.An Axiomatic Semantics for Functional Reactive Programming Computer Science 2008-05-04
Kinkar, Shilpa NDevelopment and Application of Semi-automated ITK Tools Development and Application of Semi-automated ITK Tools for the Segmentation of Brain MR Images Computer Science 2005-05-03
Klempner, Adam R.Development of a modular interferometric microscopy system for characterization of MEMS Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-04
Kmelnitsky, Vitaly MAutomated On-line Diagnosis and Control Configuration in Robotic Systems Using Model Based Analytical Redundancy Mechanical Engineering 2002-01-14
Knox, Daniel Performance Characteristics of PBI-based High Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering 2012-08-22
Koc, Reyyan Technical and Economic Performance Assessment of Pd/Alloy Membrane Reactor Technology Options in the Presence of Uncertainty Chemical Engineering 2012-04-09
Kocabas, Evren Atypical P-type ATPases, CtpE and CtpF from Mycobacteria tuberculosis Chemistry & Biochemistry 2013-04-17
Koci, Eni The stochastic discount factor and the generalized method of moments Mathematical Sciences 2006-06-01
Koeller, Andreas Integration of Heterogeneous Databases: Discovery of Meta-Information and Maintenance of Schema-Restructuring Views Computer Science 2001-12-14
Kogel, Wendy E.Faster Training of Neural Networks for Recommender Systems Computer Science 2002-04-18
Kohengadol, Roni ANonlinear Solvers For Plasticity Problems Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-29
Kohli, Jasraj An Empirical Analysis of Resampled Efficiency Mathematical Sciences 2005-04-26
Koirala, Kishor Anticipatory Electromyogram-Torque Estimation and Effect of Whitening Bandwidth Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-03-01
Kok, Wing Hang (Ronald) Development of a wireless MEMS inertial system for health monitoring of structures Mechanical Engineering 2004-11-22
Kole, Denis Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 in Maintenance of Multipotency in Human Dermal Fibroblasts Treated with Xenopus Laevis Egg Extract Fractions Biology & Biotechnology 2014-03-14
Kondapaneni, Rajesh A Study of the Delta-Normal Method of Measuring VaR Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-05
Konde, Spence MartinDevelopment of an Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel Cell Chemical Engineering 2009-01-22
Koppetsch, Birgit S.Spatial and Temporal Coordination of oskar mRNA Localization and Translation During Drosophila Oogenesis Biology & Biotechnology 2003-03-25
Koppetsch, Karsten J.Photodegradation of Organic Photochromic Dyes Incorporated in Ormosil Matrices Chemistry & Biochemistry 2000-05-03
Koski, Antti E.Rapid Frequency Estimation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-02-24
Koslowske, Mark T.A Process Based Cost Model for Multi-Layer Ceramic Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Materials Science & Engineering 2003-07-18
Kotdawala, Rasesh RAdsorption Studies of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Microporous Adsorbents using Statistical Mechanical and Molecular Simulation Techniques Chemical Engineering 2007-05-04
Kotikalapudi, Sivaramakrishna Spreading of Initially Spherical Viscous Droplets Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-31
Kowaleski, Mark CIncreasing Cell Attachment and Adhesion on Fibrin Micorthread Sutures for Cell Delivery Biomedical Engineering 2012-07-19
Krajewski, Joseph E.Bridge Inspection and Interferometry Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-05-01
Kramer, Diane S.XEM: XML Evolution Management Computer Science 2000-12-14
Krishna, Karthik Estimation of Impedance About the Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-03-03
Krolak, Matthew JosephOptimization of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Arc Thruster Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-26
Krykova, Inna Evaluating of path-dependent securities with low discrepancy methods Mathematical Sciences 2003-12-23
Kulkarni, Shashank DilipMoM modeling of metal-dielectric structures using volume integral equations Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-05-06
Kulkarni, Praveen PFunctional MRI Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies to Map the Olfactory System of a Rat Brain. Mechanical Engineering 2006-01-11
Kulkarni, Shashank DDevelopment and Validation of a Method of Moments approach for modeling planar antenna structures Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-13
Kumar, Abhishek AnandTraffic Sensitive Quality of Service Controller Computer Science 2004-01-15
Kummailil, John Process Models for Laser Engineered Net Shaping Manufacturing Engineering 2004-04-19
Kupcinskas, Rebecca AA Method for Optical Measurement of Urea in Effluent Hemodialysate Biomedical Engineering 2000-05-09
Kurtz, Benjamin LA Runtime Software Visualization Environment Computer Science 2002-08-08
Kwon, Jaewook Evaluation of FDS V.4: Upward Flame Spread Fire Protection Engineering 2006-09-06

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