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Author Name Title Department Date
Lados, Diana AidaFatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms in Al-Si-Mg Alloys Materials Science & Engineering 2004-01-16
Laine, Scott TThe Grid Bracing Problem and a Generalization Mathematical Sciences 2006-04-18
LaMalva, Kevin JosephFailure Analysis of the World Trade Center 5 Building Fire Protection Engineering 2007-05-01
Lammi, Christopher JamesThe Effects of Processing Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Structural Materials Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-24
Lamontagne, Maurice Development of a Statistical Model for NPN Bipolar Transistor Mismatch Mathematical Sciences 2007-04-20
Lan, Yi Survival Probability and Intensity Derived from Credit Default Swaps Mathematical Sciences 2012-01-13
Lantz, Renee VaillancourtModel Validation in Fire Protection Engineering Fire Protection Engineering 2001-08-31
Laohhasurayotin, Somchoke Vapor phase photochemistry of cyanopyridines and pyridine. Deuterium labeling studies Chemistry & Biochemistry 2005-04-28
Laperriere, David DanielElectromechanical Modeling and Open-Loop Control of Parallel-Plate Pulsed Plasma Microthrusters with Applied Magnetic Fields Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-27
LaPierre, Jeffrey AA Novel Tension-Member Follower Train for a Generic Cam-Driven Mechanism Mechanical Engineering 2008-05-30
Lara-Montalvo, Ruben AngelUltrasound Determination of Absolute Backscatter from Arterial Wall Structures Electrical & Computer Engineering 2002-12-20
Laut, Jeffrey WA Dynamic Parameter Identification Method for Migrating Control Strategies Between Heterogeneous Wheeled Mobile Robots Mechanical Engineering 2011-05-25
Lautenberger, Christopher W.CFD Simulation of Soot Formation and Flame Radiation Fire Protection Engineering 2001-12-19
Laverty, Stephen WilliamDetection of Nonstationary Noise and Improved Voice Activity Detection in an Automotive Hands-free Environment Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-25
Laxminarayan, Parameshvyas Exploratory Analysis of Human Sleep Data Computer Science 2003-12-12
Leach, Owen SParallel Hearts Mathematics Game: Using Educational Games To Address the STEM Field Gender Gap Interactive Media and Game Development 2013-04-24
Leal, Michael J.Effect of Pixel Size and Scintillator on Image Quality of a CCD-Based Digital X-ray Imaging System. Biomedical Engineering 2001-04-11
LeBlanc, David Fire Environments Typical of Navy Ships Fire Protection Engineering 1998-05-01
Lee, Choong-Soo WHITE - Achieving Fair Bandwidth Allocation with Priority Dropping Based On Round Trip Times Computer Science 2002-03-25
Lee, Sung-Mo A Performance Evaluation of Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Discharge Test Fire Protection Engineering 2004-04-18
Lee, Seung Han Material Property Estimation Method Using a Thermoplastic Pyrolysis Model Fire Protection Engineering 2005-12-07
Lee, Lin The effect of flow rate, spray distance and concentration of polymer quenchant on spray quenching performance of CHTE and IVF probes Materials Science & Engineering 2005-04-28
Lee, Lisa SDesign of porous solids from 2-D and 3-D coordination frameworks utilizing imidazolylbenzoic acids and esters Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008-08-07
Lee, Choong-Soo A Credit-based Home Access Point (CHAP) to Improve Application Quality on IEEE 802.11 Networks Computer Science 2010-06-10
Lee, Minkyu Influence of the Reactant Temperature on Particle Entrained Laminar Methane-Air Premixed Flames Fire Protection Engineering 2014-04-29
Leemans, Neil Edwin MichaelVIL: A Visual Inter Lingua Computer Science 2001-04-09
Leferman, Michael JosephRapid Prototyping Interface for Software Defined Radio Experimentation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-10-26
Legait, Pierre-Alexandre Formation and Distribution of Porosity in Al-Si Welds Materials Science & Engineering 2006-04-10
Legare, Jonathan CharlesStudy of Structural Equation Models and their Application to Fitchburg Middle School Data Mathematical Sciences 2008-12-01
Leising, Sophie Nonlinear controller synthesis for complex chemical and biochemical reaction systems Chemical Engineering 2005-05-02
Leising, Guillaume M.Radial heat transfer studies in low tube to particle diameter ratio fixed bed reactors Chemical Engineering 2005-05-02
Lemdiasov, Rostislav AA General Purpose Computational Approach to the Design of Gradient Coils for Arbitrary Geometries Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-07-27
Lemoine, Gaetan Comparison of different types of Zeolites used as Solid Acid Catalysts in the Transesterification reaction of Jatropha-type oil for Biodiesel production Chemical Engineering 2013-04-25
Leo, Angela AA Numerical Approach to Calculating Population Spreading Speed Mathematical Sciences 2007-04-26
LePage, Suzanne An Investigation into the Hydrologic and Geochemical Processes Contributing to Green Roof Performance Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-27
LeRay, David Efficient Pricing of an Asian Put Option Using Stiff ODE Methods Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-09
Leuenberger, Georg HElectrostatic Density Measurements in Green-State P/M Parts Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-17
Levesque, Adam PaulFire Performance of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-05-04
Levin, Tracy MEvidence for the existence of juvenile hormone in the horseshoe crab Biology & Biotechnology 2003-05-28
Lewandowski, Jason AModified UNIFAC-LLE Group-Interaction Parameters for the Prediction of Gasoline-Ethanol-Water Equilibria Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-18
Li, Xinrong Super-Resolution TOA Estimation with Diversity Techniques for Indoor Geolocation Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-11
Li, Mingzhe Using Bandwidth Estimation to Optimize Buffer and Rate Selection for Streaming Multimedia over IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks Computer Science 2006-12-04
Li, Ming Semantic Query Optimization for Processing XML Streams with Minimized Memory Footprint Computer Science 2007-09-06
li, yiwen Predicting Hearing Loss Using Auditory Steady-State Responses Mathematical Sciences 2009-01-14
Li, Juan Application-Directed DVFS using Multiple Clock Domains on Graphics Hardware Computer Science 2008-04-16
Li, Yi Liquidity Modeling Using Order Book Data Mathematical Sciences 2009-08-31
Li, Tao 3D Capacitance Extraction With the Method of Moments Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-01-08
Li, Ming Robust Complex Event Pattern Detection over Streams Computer Science 2010-03-12
Li, Shimin Hot Tearing in Cast Aluminum Alloys: Measures and Effects of Process Variables Materials Science & Engineering 2010-04-21
Li, Xuekun Modeling and simulation of grinding processes based on a virtual wheel model and microscopic interaction analysis Manufacturing Engineering 2010-04-09
Li, Ming User-Centric Security and Privacy Mechanisms in Untrusted Networking and Computing Environments Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-07-12
Li, Jiang Financial Mathematics Project Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-24
Li, Shen A Hardware Platform for Communication and Localization Performance Evaluation of Devices inside the Human Body Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-06-01
Li, Shoujing Modeling Student Retention in an Environment with Delayed Testing Computer Science 2013-04-12
Li, Zehao Quantum Mechanics on the Möbius Ring Physics 2013-02-04
Li, Feng Treatment-Based Classi cation in Residential Wireless Access Points Computer Science 2014-05-29
Liadis, Keith NicholasDesign of a Power-Assist Hemiplegic Wheelchair Mechanical Engineering 2006-05-08
Liang, Haodong On the Constructions of Certain Fractal Mixtures Mathematical Sciences 2009-05-01
Liang, Cao SmartCell: An Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Architecture for Stream Processing Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-04-28
Liang, Haodong Fractal Interfaces and Heat Transmission Problems Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-17
Liao, Yizheng Phase and Frequency Estimation: High-Accuracy and Low- Complexity Techniques Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-25
Lieb, Christopher Concurrent Programming in Education: Time for a Change Computer Science 2011-04-26
Light, Brandon WEnergy-Efficient Photon Mapping Computer Science 2007-05-10
Lima, Christine AEndogenous Localization and Expression Patterns of Aurora Kinases B and C in Mouse Oocytes and Early Embryos Biology & Biotechnology 2010-05-28
Lin, Weiyang Association Rule Mining for Collaborative Recommender Systems Computer Science 2000-05-04
lin, zhipeng Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics Course Project Mathematical Sciences 2009-05-05
Lindsay, Clifford Programmable Image-Based Light Capture for Previsualization Computer Science 2011-04-11
Linn, Anthony BlaneDetermination of Average Lift of a Rapidly Pitching Airfoil Mechanical Engineering 1999-10-25
Linn, Anthony BA Computational Study of Turbulent Structure Formation Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-03
Liu, Bin Optimization Strategies for Data Warehouse Maintenance in Distributed Environments Computer Science 2002-04-15
Liu, Guochun Value at Risk Models for a Nonlinear Hedged Portfolio Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
Liu, Ning Bayesian Nonresponse Models for the Analysis of Data from Small Areas: An Application to BMD and Age in NHANES III Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-25
Liu, Jie Novel Bayesian Methods for Disease Mapping: An Application to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Mathematical Sciences 2002-04-24
Liu, Wei Vibration Control of Large Scale Flexible Structures Using Magnetorheological Dampers Mechanical Engineering 2005-03-02
Liu, Bin Scalable Integration View Computation and Maintenance with Parallel, Adaptive and Grouping Techniques Computer Science 2005-08-19
Liu, Chengxin Jitter in Oscillators with 1/f Noise Sources and Application to True RNG for Cryptography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-12-19
Liu, Xinjia Pricing of Multi-Name Credit Derivatives Using Copulas Mathematical Sciences 2008-01-11
Liu, James Kinetics, catalysis and mechanism of methane steam reforming Chemical Engineering 2007-01-12
LIU, DAYANG A Review of Causal Inference Mathematical Sciences 2008-12-15
Liu, Wendi The Effects of Contaminants on the Gas Nitriding of Nitralloy-135 Materials Science & Engineering 2008-11-21
Liu, Yatao Fundamental Investigation of Biological Interactions for Applications in Infection Prevention and Biomaterial Development Chemical Engineering 2008-09-12
Liu, Zijia Feasibility Analysis of BIM Based Information System for Facility Management at WPI Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-26
Liu, Pu Effect of Joint Angle on EMG-Torque Model During Constant-Posture, Quasi-Constant-Torque Contractions Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-27
liu, feng Optimized Design of Gating/Riser System in Casting Based on CAD and Simulation Technology Manufacturing Engineering 2009-01-20
Liu, Pan On Quasi-Volume-Filling Surfaces Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-24
Liu, Mo Extending Event Sequence Processing:New Models and Optimization Techniques Computer Science 2012-04-25
Liu, Pu Experimental Investigations of EMG-Torque Modeling for the Human Upper Limb Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-17
Livak, Thomas MichaelCollaborative Warrior Tutoring Computer Science 2004-08-19
Lloyd, Natasha Clutter Measurement and Reduction for Enhanced Information Visualization Computer Science 2005-12-01
Lloyd, Nicholas MMeasuring Student Engagement in an Intelligent Tutoring System Computer Science 2007-04-19
Lockwood, Amy MEvaluation of Corrosion and Wear of Non-Skid Deck Surfaces in Marine Environments Mechanical Engineering 2010-04-27
Lohrmann, Peter JEnergy-Efficient Interactive Ray Tracing of Static Scenes on Programmable Mobile GPUs Computer Science 2006-12-07
Long, Xianchao Tactile-Based Mobile Robot Navigation Robotics Engineering 2013-05-28
Lowe, Matthew Inertial System Modeling and Kalman Filter Design from Sensor Specifications with Applications in Indoor Localization Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-05-10
Lowell, Jodi MichelleThe Effects of Contamination and Cleaning on AISI 9310 Vacuum Carburized Steel Materials Science & Engineering 2009-12-09
Lu, Qunfang FloraBayesian Forecasting of Stock Prices Via the Ohlson Model Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-06
Lu, Rui Media Scaling for Power Optimization on Wireless Video Sensors Computer Science 2007-08-24
Lu, Mengliu Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo Methods Mathematical Sciences 2011-05-03
Lu, Yue CloudNotes: Annotation Management in Cloud-Based Platforms Computer Science 2014-04-17
Luo, Zhisui A Bayesian Analysis of a Multiple Choice Test Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-22
Lynch, James AndrewA Study of Smoke Aging Examining Changes in Smoke Particulate Size Fire Protection Engineering 2004-04-12

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