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Author Name Title Department Date
Paci, Paolo Monitoring Vapor Phase Concentration in Supersonic Flows Chemical Engineering 2003-02-04
Padhy, Bijaya L.NITSOL: A Newton Iterative Solver for Nonlinear Systems A FORTRAN-to-MATLAB Implementation Mathematical Sciences 2006-04-28
Padhy, Budhinath Bayesian Data Analysis For The Sovenian Plebiscite Mathematical Sciences 2011-04-28
Padmanabhan, Anita RemaNovel Simultaneous Reduction/Oxidation Process for Destroying Organic Solvents Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-21
Pagadarai, Srikanth Wireless Communications and Spectrum Characterization in Impaired Channel Environments Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-01-17
Pai, Shruti In vivo characterization of respiratory forces on the sternal midline following median sternotomy Biomedical Engineering 2005-08-18
Pajic, Slobodan Sequential Quadratic Programming-Based Contingency Constrained Optimal Power Flow Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-29
Pajic, Slobodan Power System State Estimation and Contingency Constrained Optimal Power Flow - A Numerically Robust Implementation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-20
Palacios, David MAn Optical Vortex Coherence Filter Physics 2004-06-09
Palanisamy, Senthil KumarAssociation Rule Based Classification Computer Science 2006-05-03
Palmacci, Matthew StephenEscher's Problem and Numerical Sequences Mathematical Sciences 2006-04-18
Pan, Jinhong Synthesis of Fmoc-3-(N-ethyl-3-carbazolyl)-L-alanine and Its Incorporation into a Cyclic Peptide Chemistry & Biochemistry 2001-05-02
Paracha, Omair ISurface Characterization of Cricket Balls Using Area-scale Fractal Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-12
Paradorn, Vasin An Impact Model for the Industrial Cam-follower System: Simulation and Experiment Mechanical Engineering 2007-10-11
Pardos, Zachary AlexanderPredictive Models of Student Learning Computer Science 2012-04-26
Parekh, Darshan PRapid and Uniform Cell Seeding on Fibrin Microthreads to Generate Tissue Engineered Microvessels Biomedical Engineering 2010-04-14
Parikh, Bhairavi RajivThe design and development of a direct and continuous sensor for the measurement of inhaled nitric oxide concentrations Biomedical Engineering 2000-06-12
Parikh, Suchi VipinEpendymin Peptide Mimetics That Assuage Ischemic Damage Increase Gene Expression of the Anti-Oxidative Enzyme SOD Biology & Biotechnology 2003-04-16
Parikh, Hemish KAn RF System Design for an Ultra Wideband Indoor Positioning System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-02-09
Park, Haejun Hot Surface Ignition Temperature of Dust Layers with and without Combustible Additives Fire Protection Engineering 2006-05-04
Parker, Christopher SEffect of a Codon Optimized DNA Prime on Induction of Anti-Influenza Protective Antibodies Biology & Biotechnology 2007-04-09
Parkinson, David LPerformance Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions Fire Protection Engineering 2002-07-30
Paro, Autumn DModeling High Altitude Electron Density Plumes Using Direct Numerical Simulation Physics 2014-04-05
Partridge, James MDevelopment of a Micro-Retarding Potential Analyzer for High-Density Flowing Plasmas Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-05
Partridge, James MichaelDevelopment and Implementation of Diagnostics for Unsteady Small-scale Plasma Plumes Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-29
Pascault, Jean-Roland EricA Finite Element Study of the DNA Hybridization Kinetics on the Surface of Microfluidic Devices Chemical Engineering 2007-05-01
Pasquali, Meghan Mechanism of Nanostructure Formation during Solution Template Wetting Materials Science & Engineering 2011-04-19
Patro, Anilkumar GPixel Oriented Visualization in XmdvTool Computer Science 2004-09-02
Patvarczki, Jozsef Layout Optimization for Distributed Relational Databases Using Machine Learning Computer Science 2012-07-03
Paulino, Madison RadhamesPreliminary Design of Tall Buildings Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-22
Pazmany, Csaba C.In Vitro Analysis of FGF-23 Induced Gene Expression Biology & Biotechnology 2003-01-08
Peck, Louis RaymondDynamic Failure Properties of the Porcine Medial Collateral Ligament: Predicting Human Injury in High Speed Frontal Automotive Collisions Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-18
Pedersen, Kristen ESample Size Determination in Auditing Accounts Receivable Using a Zero-Inflated Poisson Model Mathematical Sciences 2010-04-28
Pehlivanoglu, Serdar Rijndael Circuit Level Cryptanalysis Computer Science 2005-04-28
Pehrson, Richard Prediction of Fire Growth on Furniture Using CFD Fire Protection Engineering 1999-04-19
Pelletier, Lori RebeccaInformation-Enabled Decision-Making in Health Care: EHR-Enabled Standardization, Physician Profiling and Medical Home Manufacturing Engineering 2010-04-20
Pelteku, Altin E.Development of an Electromagnetic Glottal Waveform Sensor for Applications in High Acoustic Noise Environments Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-01-14
Pelteku, Altin E.Adaptive Suppression of Interfering Signals in Communication Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-05-27
Peng, Yanjie Design and Implementation of Belief Propagation Symbol Detectors for Wireless Intersymbol Interference Channels Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-12-06
Peng, Wei Clutter-Based Dimension Reordering in Multi-Dimensional Data Visualization Computer Science 2005-01-11
Penny, Julie ElizabethAn Evaluation of Heated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Material and Wax Modified Asphalt for Use in Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-11-07
Perelta, Alisha NicoleIdentifying the Molecular Mechanism of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Detection in the Fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans Biology & Biotechnology 2012-05-03
Peters, Jeffrey Formation of Vesicles in Lipid-Liquid Crystal Colloidal Mixtures Physics 2014-05-01
Peyser, Suzanne MFeasibility of Green Building at WPI Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-18
Pfeiffer, Thomas J.Phytoestrogens May Inhibit Proliferation of MCF-7 Cells, an Estrogen-Responsive Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line Biology & Biotechnology 2004-04-13
Phelan, Patrick Investigation of Enhanced Soot Deposition on Smoke Alarm Horns Fire Protection Engineering 2005-01-11
Phirke, Vishal VasudeoTraffic Sensitive Active Queue Management for Improved Quality of Service Computer Science 2002-04-08
Pielech, Bradford Charles Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm Selection in a Streaming Query System Computer Science 2003-12-04
Pinzon-Arango, Paola A.Investigating the effects of cranberry juice on the physicochemical properties of Escherichia coli for the prevention of urinary tract infections Biomedical Engineering 2008-01-09
Pinzon-Arango, Paola A.Investigation of the Biological and Physicochemical Properties of Bacillus anthracis Spores during Germination, Virulence, and Killing Biomedical Engineering 2012-01-05
Piselli, Paolo MRelating Cognitive Models of Computer Games to User Evaluations of Entertainment Computer Science 2006-01-31
Plada, Edith Vanina MachadoAnalysis of the Kekkon Family in Neuronal Development Biology & Biotechnology 2009-08-12
Plasse, Joshua HThe EM Algorithm in Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Models using Anderson Acceleration Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-25
Plaxico, Chuck AldonDesign Guidelines for the use of Curbs and Curb/Guardrail Combinations Along High-Speed Roadways Civil & Environmental Engineering 2002-09-18
Ponsler, Brett Recognizing Engagement Behaviors in Human-Robot Interaction Computer Science 2010-12-16
Posluszny III, Frank SOvercoming Limitations in Computer Worm Models Computer Science 2005-01-17
Posterro, Barry JohnExplorations of Trading Strategies for Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds Mathematical Sciences 2009-11-16
Potami, Raffaele Optimal sensor/actuator placement and switching schemes for control of flexible structures Mechanical Engineering 2008-04-24
Potter, John RPseudo-Triangulations On Closed Surfaces Mathematical Sciences 2007-12-12
Poulsen, Carsten Development of a Positioning System for 3D Ultrasound Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-10-12
Pradhan, Rahul Adaptive Multimedia Content Delivery for Scalable Web Servers Computer Science 2001-04-30
PRADHAN, NIHAR R.Thermal Conductivity of Nanowires, Nanotubes and Polymer-Nanotube Composites Physics 2010-03-23
Pratapa, Suvesh Improving latency in Crankshaft - An energy-aware MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2009-11-16
Pray, Keith AApriori Sets And Sequences: Mining Association Rules from Time Sequence Attributes Computer Science 2004-04-29
Price, Sean ThomasA Simultaneous Position and Orientation Estimate Feature Finder for Machine Vision Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000-05-02
Price, Shaun MA Study of Case Based Reasoning Applied to Welding Computer Aided Fixture Design Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-05
Progri, Ilir FAn Assessment of Indoor Geolocation Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-17
Prokop, Todd RonaldInactivation of E. Coli in a Flow Through Sonication System Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-25
Pu, Di Frequency Rendezvous and Physical Layer Network Coding for Distributed Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-10-20
Pu, Di Primary User Emulation Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-23
Pugsley, Lisa MExtraordinary Magnetoresistance in Two and Three Dimensions: Geometrical Optimization Physics 2012-04-25
Pujary, Chirag JayakarInvestigation of Photodetector Optimization in Reducing Power Consumption by a Noninvasive Pulse Oximeter Sensor Biomedical Engineering 2004-01-19
Pulido, Daniel Instability in a Cold Atom Interferometer Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-30
Pungliya, Manish SSingle nucleotide polymorphism analysis in application to fine gene mapping Biology & Biotechnology 2001-04-17
Purohit, Nipa SNon-covalent Assembly of Reversible Photoswitchable Surfaces Chemistry & Biochemistry 2005-05-11
Purushothaman, Radhakrishnan Sensor Based Fixture Design and Verification Manufacturing Engineering 2003-01-17
Purushothaman, Radhakrishnan Evaluation and Improvement of Heat Treat Furnace Model Manufacturing Engineering 2008-08-27

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