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Author Name Title Department Date
Tacvorian, Edward Evaluation of Canine Fracture Fixation Bone Plates Biomedical Engineering 2012-11-13
Tang, Yaobin Butterfly: A Model of Provenance Computer Science 2009-03-09
Tao, Jing Effects of Molecular Weight and Solution Concentration on Electrospinning of PVA Materials Science & Engineering 2003-06-12
Tao, Yuanyuan Effects of Cranberry Juice Cocktail on Surface Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of Uropathogenic Bacteria Chemical Engineering 2010-12-20
Taskin, Ertan M.CFD simulation of transport and reaction in cylindrical catalyst particles Chemical Engineering 2007-08-08
Taylor, Sarah EBiologically Inspired Wing Planform Optimization Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-15
Taylor, Curtis RLeveraging Software-Defined Networking and Virtualization for a One-to-One Client-Server Model Computer Science 2014-04-28
Teixeira, Elizabeth Reflection and Transmission of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave on a Moving Boundary Between Two Dielectrics Mathematical Sciences 2006-05-03
Terdalkar, Sachin SharadGraphically Driven Interactive Stress Reanalysis for Machine Elements in the Early Design Stage Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-24
Terdalkar, Rahul JDirect Numerical Simulation of Swirling Flows using the Front Tracking Method Mechanical Engineering 2007-12-14
Thacker, Samta CDevelopment of a Monte Carlo Simulation Method for use in investigating CT (Computed Tomography) Mammography Biomedical Engineering 2004-04-15
Thakkar, Dharmesh Hypothesis-Driven Specialization-based Analysis of Gene Expression Association Rules Computer Science 2007-05-03
Thampan, Tony MathewDesign and Development of Higher Temperature Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering 2003-05-19
Thomas, Nordia DTime Frame and its Impact on Commodity Trading Advisor Performance Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
Thomas, Siju Multiscale Modeling Of Thin Films In Direct Numerical Simulations Of Multiphase Flows. Mechanical Engineering 2009-05-05
Thoreson, Erik J.Apparatus to Deliver Light to the Tip-sample Interface of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Physics 2002-08-26
Thoreson, Erik J.From nanoscale to macroscale, using the atomic force microscope to quantify the role of few-asperity contacts in adhesion Physics 2005-12-12
Thurston, Michael JA Pragmatic View of MANET Performance Evaluation and Design of a Prototype MAC Level Routing Algorithm Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-01-06
Tian, Wei Signature Analysis of OD Grinding Processes with Applications in Monitoring and Diagnosis Manufacturing Engineering 2008-12-18
Tiani, John PUsing Applied Statistics to Study a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
Till, Robert A Building Evaluation Technique for Fire Department Suppression Fire Protection Engineering 2000-12-21
Ting, Cara MDesigning Biomaterial Surfaces to Enhance Adhesion at the Skin-Implant Interface Biomedical Engineering 2011-04-29
Tobgay, Sonam Novel Concepts for RF Surface Coils with Integrated Receivers Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-12
Toddes, Steven PaulOptimization for Commercialization of A Two Degree of Freedom Powered Arm Orthosis Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-26
Todeschini, Grazia Wind Energy Conversion Systems based on DFIG Technology used as Active Filters: Steady-State and Transient Analysis Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-02-12
Toris, Russell CBringing Human-Robot Interaction Studies Online via the Robot Management System Computer Science 2013-10-08
Toth, David The Byzantine Agreement Protocol Applied to Security Computer Science 2005-12-13
Toth, David M.Improving the Productivity of Volunteer Computing Computer Science 2008-02-04
Toto, Ma. Criselda SantosBayesian Predictive Inference and Multivariate Benchmarking for Small Area Means Mathematical Sciences 2010-04-16
Towler, Melissa J.Effects of inoculum density, carbon concentration, and feeding scheme on the growth of transformed roots of Artemisia annua in a modified nutrient mist bioreactor Biology & Biotechnology 2005-04-20
Towner, Jr., Walter T.The Design of Engineering Education as a Manufacturing System Manufacturing Engineering 2013-04-18
Tracy, Adam RThe Implementation of Residual Risk Analysis for Explosion Protection Systems Fire Protection Engineering 2010-05-25
Tripathi, Avanish Adaptive Content-Aware Scaling for Improved Video Streaming Computer Science 2001-04-02
Trivedi, Shubhendu A Graph Theoretic Clustering Algorithm based on the Regularity Lemma and Strategies to Exploit Clustering for Prediction Computer Science 2012-04-25
Troccolo, Paul MEnhanced Animal Cloning: the Effects of Demecolcine on the Anaphase Promoting Complex in Mammalian Development Biology & Biotechnology 2006-10-11
Troupel, Alexandre CFD study of the intra and inter particles transport phenomena in a fixed-bed reactor Chemical Engineering 2009-05-28
Tu, Xuemin Enhanced Singular Function Mortar Finite Element Methods Mathematical Sciences 2002-04-30
Tucker, Joseph CUltrasonic welding of Copper to Laminate Circuit Board Materials Science & Engineering 2002-04-12
Tulsiani, Deepti A Fringe Projection System for Measurement of Condensing Fluid Films in Reduced Gravity Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-11-22
Turner, Terrence EThe Assistment Builder: A tool for rapid tutor development Computer Science 2005-11-03
Twarog, Marek BPricing Security Derivatives under the Forward Measure Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-31
Twomey, Brian MThe Performance and Behavior of Lightweight Wood Exposed to Fire Conditions Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-04-30

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