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Author Name Title Department Date
Aboulezz, Mohamed AMapping the Construction Engineering and Management Discipline Civil & Environmental Engineering 2000-02-18
Abu-Lail, Nehal IbrahimThe Effect of Biopolymer Properties on Bacterial Adhesion: an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Study Chemical Engineering 2003-09-12
Abu-Lail, Laila I.An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Bacterial Adhesion to Natural Organic Matter-Coated Surfaces In the Environment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-04-24
abu-lail, laila I.removal of chloroform and MTBE from water by adsorption onto granular zeolites: equilibrium, kinetic, and mathematical modeling study Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-11-15
Acheampong, Osman KPricing Mortgage-Backed Securities using Prepayment Functions and Pathwise Monte Carlo Simulation. Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-28
Ada, Sena Investigating the Adhesive Strength and Morphology of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2010-08-25
Adamczyk, Anne Marie Electromagnetic Nucleus - Nucleus Cross Sections using Energy Dependent Branching Ratios Physics 2009-04-21
Adams, Daniel AlanOptimal Load Balancing in a Beowulf Cluster Computer Science 2005-04-25
Adams, Albert A.Effects of Extremity Armor on Metabolic Cost and Gait Biomechanics Biomedical Engineering 2010-05-26
Adilov, Salimgrey Design of Porphyrin Solids: Zn•••NO2 Recognition, Multi-Step Single Crystal to Single Crystal Transformations and Cofacial Dimers Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008-07-08
Adler, Jonathan DGraph Decompositions and Monadic Second Order Logic Mathematical Sciences 2008-04-30
Agheli Hajiabadi, Mohammad Mahdi Analytical Workspace, Kinematics, and Foot Force Based Stability of Hexapod Walking Robots Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-09
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso A MATLAB Program to implement the band-pass method for discovering relevant scales in surface roughness measurement Mathematical Sciences 2010-01-14
Ahlehagh, Hasti Techniques for Communication and Geolocation using Wireless Ad hoc Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-07-23
Ahlfors, Jan-Eric WilhelmA Comparative Analysis of the Biomechanics and Biochemistry of Cell-Derived and Cell-Remodeled Matrices: Implications for Wound Healing and Regenerative Medicine Biomedical Engineering 2004-04-24
Ahmad, Saad Modeling the Discharge Loading of Radio Frequency Excited CO2 Slab lasers Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-11-07
Akdemir, Kahraman DaglarWavelength Conversion Using Reconfigurable Photonic Crystal MEMS/NEMS Structures Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-01-10
Akdemir, Kahraman D.Error Detection Techniques Against Strong Adversaries Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-10-28
Akgul, Ferit OzanModeling the Behavior of Multipath Components Pertinent to Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-18
Akis, B. Ceylan Preparation of Pd-Ag/PSS Composite Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering 2003-10-07
Al Ananzeh, Nada Oxidation Processes: Experimental Study and Theoretical Investigations Chemical Engineering 2004-04-27
Al-Kouz, Wael G.Investigation of Supersonic Gas Flows into Nanochannels Using an Unstructured 3D Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-19
Alavi, Bardia Distance Measurement Error Modeling for Time-of-Arrival Based Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-04-27
Alborz, Nakisa A Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Framework for Certified Sustainable Higher Education (HE) Residence Halls Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-05-09
Alborzfard, Nakisa Life Cycle Cost Analysis Framework of Green Features in Buildings Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-12-13
Allain, Florent Evaluation of the Classical Reaction Engineering models in terms of mass transport and reaction rate distribution for low tube-to-particle diameter ratio beds. Chemical Engineering 2011-04-26
Alley, Peter JIntroductory Microcontroller Programming Robotics Engineering 2011-04-28
Almås, Johannes Building Performance Evaluation: An Organization for Documentation Fire Protection Engineering 2002-08-22
Almeida, Joao CarlosStrategic Issues in Lean Construction and the Higher Education Construction Market Sector Civil & Environmental Engineering 2002-08-14
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad AbdullahAn Analysis of Oil Combustion on Snow Fire Protection Engineering 2014-04-30
Alsindi, Nayef AliPerformance of TOA Estimation Algorithms in Different Indoor Multipath Conditions Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-26
Alsindi, Nayef Indoor Cooperative Localization for Ultra Wideband Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-10
Alston, Jarrod JohnRoom/Corner Fire Calibration Data: Marine Composite Screening Specimens Fire Protection Engineering 2004-05-17
Alvarez Rodriguez, Alberto An integrated framework for the next generation of Risk-Informed Performance-Based Design approach used in Fire Safety Engineering Fire Protection Engineering 2012-12-14
Amaral, Lizabeth PereiraDevelopmentally Interesting Cytokines Upregulated During Human Stem Cell Amplification In Vitro Biology & Biotechnology 2002-04-12
Amendolare, Vincent ThomasSynchronization in an Indoor Precision Location System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-05-04
Amendolare, Vincent T.Transactional Array Reconciliation Tomography for Precision Indoor Location Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-01
AMPADU, EBENEZER Implementation of Some Finite Difference Methods for the Pricing of Derivatives using C++ Programming. Mathematical Sciences 2007-05-19
Ananthakrishnan, Shilpa P-type ATPases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-06-19
Anderson, Scott KennethQualitative Study of the Effect of a Compartment Enclosure on Fire Plume Entrainment Fire Protection Engineering 1998-05-01
Anderson, Evan VAtomic Force Microscopy: Lateral-Force Calibration and Force-Curve Analysis Physics 2012-04-25
Andersson, Eva LottaAnalysis of Various Bioreactor Configurations for Heavy Metal Removal Using the Fungus Penicillium ochro-chloron Biology & Biotechnology 1999-05-01
Andreeva, Tatiana A.Ultrasonic Technique in Determination of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow Characteristics Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-09
Andrei, Mihnea StefanA discrete model for the default risk of inter-banking networks Mathematical Sciences 2014-05-01
Andrews, Michael J.An Information Theoretic Hierarchical Classifier for Machine Vision Electrical & Computer Engineering 1999-05-03
Apte, Anuja DSimulation of patch antennas on arbitrary dielectric substrates. Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-05-09
Arakelian, Andrea KatherineStrength Analysis of Bolted Shear Connections Under Fire Conditions Using the Finite Element Approach Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-12-09
Arca, Turkan Attempts to clone the Limulus ependymin gene, and the effects of a human ependymin peptide on human SHSY neuroblastoma cells Biology & Biotechnology 2005-04-19
Arecco, Daniel Analysis and preliminary characterization of a MEMS cantilever-type chemical sensor Mechanical Engineering 2003-12-19
Arora, Bhupinder SDetection of polysaccharides on a bacterial cell surface using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2003-08-26
Arsenault, Patrick RyanEffects of Developmental Stage, Exogenous Sugar Composition, and Reactive Oxygen Species on Artemisinin and Related Compounds in Artemisia annua Biology & Biotechnology 2010-04-15
Askarinejad, Sina Deformation Mechanisms in Bioinspired Multilayered Materials Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-10
Assad, Muhammad AliA Real-Time Laboratory Testbed For Evaluating Localization Performance Of WIFI RFID Technologies Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-04-24
Asselin, Daniel JosephCharacterization of the Near-Plume Region of a Low-Current Hollow Cathode Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-26
Asumeng-Denteh, Emmanuel Transaction costs and resampling in mean-variance portfolio optimization Mathematical Sciences 2004-04-30
Atabek, Arzu Investigating Bacterial Outer Membrane Polymers and Bacterial Interactions with Organic Molecules Using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemical Engineering 2006-08-22
Augustine, Alexander SullivanSupported Pd and Pd/Alloy Membranes for Water-Gas Shift Catalytic Membrane Reactors Chemical Engineering 2013-04-08
Aull, Malia ElizabethWater Quality Indicators in Watershed Subbasins with Multiple Land Uses Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-18
Avalos, Ana MHMA1 and HMA6 are essential components of metal homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana Chemistry & Biochemistry 2004-05-03
Avanessian, Alfred An Analysis of The Effect of 3-D Groove Insert Design on Chip Breaking Chart Manufacturing Engineering 2005-01-14
Avcioglu-Ayturk, Mubeccel Didem A Simulation of Industry and Occupation Codes in 1970 and 1980 U.S Census Mathematical Sciences 2005-06-01
Averill, Jason D.Performance-Based Codes: Economics, Documentation, and Design Fire Protection Engineering 1998-04-02
Avila, Melissa BarterThe Effect of Resin Type and Glass Content on the Fire Engineering Properties of Typical FRP Composites Fire Protection Engineering 2007-04-02
Ayturk, Mahmut Engin Synthesis, Annealing Strategies and in-situ Characterization of Thermally Stable Composite Thin Pd/Ag Alloy Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering 2007-04-24
Babic, Kristopher TInterDraw - An Online, Interactive, Collaborative Art Program Computer Science 2000-05-02
Bachmann, Matthew KnappBiology Microworld to Assess Students’ Content Knowledge and Inquiry Skills and Leveraging Student Modeling to Prescribe Design Features for Scaffolding Learning Computer Science 2011-05-05
Bai, Yan A Bayesian Approach to Detect the Onset of Activity Limitation Among Adults in NHIS Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-06
Bai, Hua Reverse supply chain coordination and design for profitable returns-an example of ink cartridge Manufacturing Engineering 2008-12-17
Bai, Yan Evaluation of the Effects of Hyperbaric Dive Environments on the Autonomic Nervous System Using Principal Dynamic Mode Analysis Biomedical Engineering 2011-08-22
Baiense, Jr., Joao CVortex Generator Jet Flow Control in Highly Loaded Compressors Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-24
Bailey, Daniel VComputation in Optimal Extension Fields Computer Science 2000-04-26
Baker, Alison MRestructuring Option Chain Data Sets Using Matlab Mathematical Sciences 2010-04-29
Baker, Elisa SBurning Characteristics of Individual Douglas-Fir Trees in the Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Engineering 2011-05-16
Baktir, Selcuk Efficient Algorithms for Finite Fields, with Applications in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-21
baktir, selcuk Frequency Domain Finite Field Arithmetic for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-11
Balasubramanian, Ganapathi Raman Low-order coupled map lattices for estimation of wake patterns behind vibrating flexible cables Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-22
Balazs, Marton E.Design Simplification by Analogical Reasoning Computer Science 1999-12-15
Baldassari, James DDesign and Evaluation of a Public Resource Computing Framework Computer Science 2006-04-17
Balestrini, Jenna LeighBiaxial stretch effects on fibroblast-mediated remodeling of fibrin gel equivalents Biomedical Engineering 2009-06-22
Banerjee, Kutty SRemote Execution for 3D Graphics Computer Science 2005-05-23
Banker, Christian JohnInteractive Training System for Medical Ultrasound Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-01-29
Bao, Guanqun On Simultaneous Localization and Mapping inside the Human Body (Body-SLAM) Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-25
Bapat, Nikhil DDevelopment of Sound Presentation System (SPS) for Characterization of Sound Induced Displacements in Tympanic Membranes Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-28
Bara, Richard J.Rupture Point Movement in Journal Bearings Mechanical Engineering 2004-05-24
Barber, Lee PCharacterization of the Solidification Behavior and Resultant Microstructures of Magnesium-Aluminum Alloys Materials Science & Engineering 2004-12-06
Barden, Jeffrey M.A Modified Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature Algorithm Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-24
Barjami, Saimir A New AC-Radio Frequency Heating Calorimetry Technique for Complex Fluids Physics 2005-04-25
Barowy, Adam MHeat and Smoke Transport in a Residential-Scale Live Fire Training Facility: Experiments and Modeling Fire Protection Engineering 2010-08-25
Barrett, Justin MichaelAnalyzing and Modeling Low-Cost MEMS IMUs for use in an Inertial Navigation System Robotics Engineering 2013-04-26
Basu, Rajratan Dielectric Studies of Nanostructures and Directed Self-assembled Nanomaterials in Nematic Liquid Crystals Physics 2010-03-30
Beatini, Salvatore J.Using DNA Fingerprinting to Assess Genetic Structure of the Vernal Pool Amphibian Rana sylvatica Biology & Biotechnology 2003-04-11
Beaulieu, Patricia Flammability Characteristics at Heat Fluxes up to 200 kW/m2 and The Effect of Oxygen on Flame Heat Flux Fire Protection Engineering 2005-11-02
Behlman, Nicholas JamesElectron Energy Distribution Measurements in the Plume Region of a Low Current Hollow Cathode Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-18
Behrooz, Morteza On the Sociability of a Game-Playing Agent: A Software Framework and Empirical Study Computer Science 2014-04-15
Belhumeur, Corey TAn Empirical Evaluation of Student Learning by the Use of a Computer Adaptive System Computer Science 2013-04-22
Beller, Douglas K.Alternate Computer Models of Fire Convection Phenomena for the Harvard Computer Fire Code Fire Protection Engineering 1987-08-01
Bellino, Peter William A Study of Spreading and In Situ Burning of Oil in an Ice Channel Fire Protection Engineering 2012-04-24
Belliveau, Kenneth DAn Investigation of Incipient Jump in Industrial Cam Follower Systems Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-13
Belsito, Danielle LApplication of Computational Thermodynamic and Solidification Kinetics to Cold Sprayable Powder Alloy Design Materials Science & Engineering 2014-01-14
Benco, John SSinglet-Singlet and Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer in Polychromophoric Peptides Chemistry & Biochemistry 2000-05-03
Benco, John SThe Rational Design and Synthesis of Ionophores and Fluoroionophores for the Selective Detection of Monovalent Cations Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-04-07
Bennett, David GOsmotic- and Stroke-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Detected by Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2007-06-08
Benson, Brian CDesign and Analysis of a Rapid Kinetic Energy Transmission Mechanism Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-22
Benzerrouk, Souheil Feasibility Study of Infrared Detection of Defects in Green-State and Sintered PM Compacts Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-27
Bergstrom, Torbjorn SInvestigation of Measurement Artifacts Introduced By Horizontal Scanning Surface Profiling Instruments Manufacturing Engineering 1999-12-16
Berker, Ilan Conflicts and Negotiations in Single Function Agent Based Design Systems Computer Science 1995-04-27
Bernard, III, William J.The Continuous Rheoconversion Process: Scale-up and Optimization Materials Science & Engineering 2005-08-04
Bernier, Jeremy ScottEvolution and Characterization of Partially Stabilized Zirconia (7wt% Y2O3) Thermal Barrier Coatings Deposited by Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition Materials Science & Engineering 2002-05-09
Bertulli, Scott MATLAB-Based Dipole Array Simulator Tool For MIT Haystack Observatory Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-05-04
Bhagavatheeshwaran, Govind Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Rat Retina Biomedical Engineering 2008-04-16
Bhandari, Rajkumar msThe synthesis of Pd-Ag composite membranes for H2 separation using electroless plating method Chemical Engineering 2009-11-24
Bhatta, Dilli A Bayesian Test of Independence for Two-way Contingency Tables Under Cluster Sampling Mathematical Sciences 2012-12-04
Bhattacharjee, Sudip Use of Accelerated Loading Equipment for Fatigue Characterization of Hot Mix Asphalt in the Laboratory Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-06-16
Bida, Oljeta Influence of Electromyogram (EMG) Amplitude Processing in EMG-Torque Estimation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-01-25
Biswas, Souvik Simulation of Thermo-mechanical Deformation in High Speed Rolling of Long Steel Products Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-11
Biswas, Souvik Direct numerical simulation and two-fluid modeling of multi-phase bubbly flows Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-26
Biyikli, Kasim Nucleation and Growth of Crystals of Pharmaceuticals on Functionalized Surfaces Chemistry & Biochemistry 2005-05-16
Blanchette, Damon ArthurAdaptive Spectral Mapping for Real-Time Dispersive Refraction Computer Science 2011-12-08
Bland, Kenneth EdwardBehavior of Wood Exposed to Fire: A Review and Expert Judgement Procedure for Predicting Assembly Failure. Fire Protection Engineering 1994-05-01
Blatt, Sharon LAn In-Depth Look at the Information Ratio Mathematical Sciences 2004-09-16
Blum, Thomas Modular Exponentiation on Reconfigurable Hardware Electrical & Computer Engineering 1999-04-08
Bobrowski, Kevin MatthewPractical Implementation Considerations for Spectrally Agile Waveforms in Cognitive Radio Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-09-08
Bodah, Joshua Leveraging User Testing to Address Learnability Issues for Teachers Using ASSISTments Computer Science 2013-04-19
Bolduc, Melanie BLong-term effects of habitat and management changes on steelhead production: results from an individual-based model Biology & Biotechnology 2006-04-24
Bonanno, Kenneth CAnalysis of the Two Isoforms of the Human Alkyl Adenine DNA Glycosylase (HAAG) Gene: A Comparative Study of its Isoforms, its Protein and its Resistance to DNA Damage Agents Biology & Biotechnology 2000-04-18
Bond, Derek PNear Field Development of Buoyancy Driven Flows Mechanical Engineering 2001-12-10
borgonovo, cecilia Aluminum Nano-composites for Elevated Temperature Applications Materials Science & Engineering 2010-06-02
Borgonovo, Cecilia Synthesis of Aluminum-Aluminum Nitride Nanocomposites by Gas-Liquid Reactions Materials Science & Engineering 2013-04-29
Borrelli, Robert AngeloCharacterization of Radioactivity in the Environment Civil & Environmental Engineering 1999-05-04
Borrelli, Alexander PSynthetic Genes for Antimicrobial Peptides Biology & Biotechnology 2003-04-17
Boumenot, Christopher MThe Performance of a Linux NFS Implementation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2002-05-20
Bourgeois, Amy Laura LiuBiodegradability of Fluorination Fire Fighting Foams Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-04-29
Bourisly, Ali KhaledNeuronal Correlates of Diacritics and an Optimization Algorithm for Brain Mapping and Detecting Brain Function by way of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2011-03-14
Bowman, Amy CatherineA Selective Encapsulation Solution For Packaging An Optical Micro Electro Mechanical System Materials Science & Engineering 2002-01-03
Boyd, Joseph BioBridge: Bringing Data Exploration to Biologists Computer Science 2014-05-01
Boyle, Iain MackinnonCAFixD: A Case-based Reasoning Method for Fixture Design Manufacturing Engineering 2006-05-02
Bradshaw, Sam Characterization of the Mechanosensitivity of Tactile Receptors using Multivariate Logistical Regression Electrical & Computer Engineering 2001-04-18
Brady, Kaitlyn Learning Curves in Emergency Ultrasonography Mathematical Sciences 2012-12-10
Branco, Dorothy MNonlinear Optimization of a Stochastic Function in a Cell Migration Model Mathematical Sciences 2006-05-05
Breen Jr., Daniel E.Characterization of Multi-Carrier Locator Performance Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-29
Brenneman, Cody R.Circuit Design for Realization of a 16 bit 1MS/s Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converter Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-04-27
Brevard, Mathew E.Developing Compatible Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Stroke Pathophysiology Biology & Biotechnology 2001-09-27
Broderick, Zachary RIncreasing parent engagement in student learning using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Automated Messages Computer Science 2011-03-01
Broders, Adam C.Combining of Renewable Energy Plants to Improve Energy Production Stability Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-28
Bronski, Mark TDevelopment of a process for characterization of Nd:YAG crystals Mechanical Engineering 2003-01-20
Brown, Jennifer L.A Molecular and Immunological Investigation of Cellular Responses to Dengue Virus: Identification of Potentially Upregulated Host Genes and the Construction of a Vaccinia Virus Expressing the Dengue 1 Hawaii NS3 Protein Biology & Biotechnology 2000-04-27
Bryan, Erin EExpression of Class I Histone Deacetylases in Insect Cells Chemistry & Biochemistry 2006-05-03
Bunuan, Paul FFIDOE: A Proof-of-concept Martian Robotic Support Cart Manufacturing Engineering 1999-04-20
Burford, Evans JMyocyte Derived Cardiac Spheroids for Post Infarct Cardiac Regeneration Biomedical Engineering 2014-01-29
Burge, Janet E.Knowledge Elicitation for Design Task Sequencing Knowledge Computer Science 1998-12-01
Burge, Janet ESoftware Engineering Using design RATionale Computer Science 2005-04-11
Burket, Christopher TTwo genes, dig-1 and mig-10, involved in nervous system development in C. elegans Biology & Biotechnology 2002-09-10
Bush, Katie AnnDesigning Bioengineered Skin Substitutes Containing Microfabricated Basal Lamina Analogs to Enhance Skin Regeneration Biomedical Engineering 2009-01-30
Butland, Tricia DorothyAdsorption Removal of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol from Wastewater by Zeolite Chemical Engineering 2008-04-29
Byrne, Lawrence ThomasLangmuir Probe Measurements in the Plume of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Mechanical Engineering 2002-11-22
Callaghan, Caitlin A.Kinetics and Catalysis of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction: A Microkinetic and Graph Theoretic Approach Chemical Engineering 2006-05-04
Callery, James Francis Building Evaluation for Manual Suppression Fire Protection Engineering 1998-05-01
Calnan, III, Paul W.EXTRACT: Extensible Transformation and Compiler Technology Computer Science 2003-04-25
Calvo, Carlos RobertoA 2.5 GHz Optoelectronic Amplifier in 0.18 m CMOS Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-23
Campbell, Meredith LDetermining the Safety of Urban Arterial Roads Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-27
Campbell, Matthew CDesign of a Mobile Transceiver for Precision Indoor Location Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-11-11
Cao, Liming Protein Separation with Ion-exchange Membrane Chromatography Chemical Engineering 2005-05-04
Cao, Ning Secure and Reliable Data Outsourcing in Cloud Computing Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-07-19
Carboni, Marina Evaluation of Ballistic Materials For Back Protection Under Low Velocity Impact Biomedical Engineering 2004-04-23
Carelli, Jonathan J.Design and Analysis of an Embedded Pipe Network in Asphalt Pavements to Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-28
Carleen, Bradford JHydrothermal Synthesis Process for the Production of Silicalite-1 Crystal Aggregate Packing Particles Chemical Engineering 2010-01-26
Carr, Justin PModeling Volatility Derivatives Mathematical Sciences 2011-12-16
Carter, Nathan RA 12-b 50Msample/s Pipeline Analog to Digital Converter Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000-04-24
Casey, Ryan EdwardMouse strain-specific splicing of Apobec3 Chemistry & Biochemistry 2006-09-08
Castagno, Thomas AThe Effect of Knee Pads on Gait and Comfort Mechanical Engineering 2004-04-09
Cavanaugh, Andrew FBayesian Information Fusion for Precision Indoor Location Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-01-19
Cavanaugh, Andrew FInverse Synthetic Array Reconciliation Tomography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-05-03
Chakraborti, Amrita Alpha-Poly-L-Lysine As A Potential Biosorbent For Removal Of Hexavalent Chromium From Industrial Waste Water Biology & Biotechnology 2008-09-27
Chamberlin, Ryan EarlA Three-dimensional Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Methodology on Unstructured Delaunay Grids with Applications to Micro and Nanoflows Mechanical Engineering 2007-03-12
Chan, Ka Yan Applying the "Split-ADC" Architecture to a 16 bit, 1 MS/s differential Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-30
Chang, Chen Hao JasonThe Study of Energy Consumption of Acceleration Structures for Dynamic CPU and GPU Ray Tracing Computer Science 2007-01-19
Changtong, Chuchawin Synthesis and Photochemistry of Phenyl Subtituted-1,2,4-Thiadiazoles; 15N-Labeling Studies Chemistry & Biochemistry 2005-04-29
Chase, Tyler A.Minimizing the Probability of Ruin in Exchange Rate Markets Mathematical Sciences 2009-04-30
Chen, Nan Kinetics of the Hydrodechlorination Reaction of Chlorinated Compounds on Palladium Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2003-08-25
Chen, Xuewen A Nonlinear Viscoelastic Mooney-Rivlin Thin Wall Model for Unsteady Flow in Stenosis Arteries Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-30
Chen, Li Semantic Caching for XML Queries Computer Science 2003-12-11
Chen, Songting Efficient Incremental View Maintenance for Data Warehousing Computer Science 2005-09-06
Chen, Bao-Liang Capture Solar Energy and Reduce Heat-Island Effect from Asphalt Pavement Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-10-28
Chen, Si Cross-Layer Optimization and Dynamic Spectrum Access for Distributed Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-10-22
Chen, Tsai YuanNetwork Electrophysiology Sensor-On-A- Chip Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-29
Chen, Chao-Huang Sulfur tolerance of Pd/Au alloy membranes for hydrogen separation from coal gas Chemical Engineering 2011-09-13
Chen, Si Vehicular Dynamic Spectrum Access: Using Cognitive Radio for Automobile Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-01-10
Chen, Taoye A Multi-level Model for Analysing Whole Genome Sequencing Family Data with Longitudinal Traits Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-25
Chen, Jin UWB Characteristics of RF Propagation for Body Mounted and Implanted Sensors Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-15
Chen, Kehui Powering of endoscopic cutting tools for minimally invasive procedures Mechanical Engineering 2013-05-28
Chen, Lichen Asymptotic Methods for Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing: An Explanatory Study Mathematical Sciences 2011-01-13
Chen, Liwei Dense Matrices for Biofluids Applications Mathematical Sciences 2014-04-30
Chen, Zhilu Accelerating SRD Simulation on GPU Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-23
Chen, Xiaoran Computational and Experimental Approach for Non-destructive Testing by Laser Shearography Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-24
Chen, Huanting Portfolio Construction Using Principle Component Analysis Mathematical Sciences 2014-08-06
Chenelle, Brendan F.Friction Stir Welding in Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys: Microstructure, Residual Stress, Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms, and Novel Applications Mechanical Engineering 2011-01-20
Cheng, Wei Factor Analysis for Stock Performance Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-04
Chernyak, Vadim The Design and Realization of a Sensitive Walking Platform Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-18
Chhabra, Vikram Reconstructing specular objects with Image Based Rendering using Color Caching Computer Science 2001-04-24
Chilakamarri, Sunita RGenetic differentiation in Alewife populations using microsatellite loci Biology & Biotechnology 2005-09-08
Choi, Pyoungho Investigation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Proton-Exchange Membranes in Fuel Cell Applications Chemical Engineering 2004-04-29
Choi, Keum-Ran 3D Thermal Mapping of Cone Calorimeter Specimen and Development of a Heat Flux Mapping Procedure Utilizing an Infrared Camera Fire Protection Engineering 2004-08-30
Choksey, Sanket DineshDeveloping an Affordable Authoring Tool For Intelligent Tutoring Systems Computer Science 2004-08-20
Chomal, Manish RAnalysis of Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Human Umbilical Cord Cell Populations During Ex Vivo Amplification of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Biology & Biotechnology 2002-12-02
Christopher, Stephen JamesPlant-Pathogen Interactions: Turnip Crinkle Virus Suppression of the Hypersensitive Response in Arabidopsis thaliana Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-04-02
Chung, Jae Won Congestion Control for Streaming Media Computer Science 2005-07-14
Cialdea, Stephen MichaelModeling and Analysis of the Distribution Grid in the Presence of Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-22
Clark, Jennifer AnneValue Engineering for Small Transportation Projects Civil & Environmental Engineering 1999-12-08
Clark, Laura AInvestigation and Optimization of a Porous Sintered Ceramic Material in a Grinding Application Materials Science & Engineering 2009-04-29
Claypool, Kajal TilakManaging Schema Change in an Heterogeneous Environment Computer Science 2002-05-28
Cochran, Keith JacobCombined Fermentation and Recovery Using Expanded Bed Chromatography Biology & Biotechnology 2006-08-18
Coey, Tyson CurtisRound-Trip Time-Division Distributed Beamforming Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-07-06
Coignet, Philippe Transport-reaction Modeling of the Impedance Response of a Fuel Cell Chemical Engineering 2004-05-26
Cole, Gregory Modular MRI Guided Device Development System: Development, Validation and Applications Robotics Engineering 2012-09-10
Coleman, Catherine The Development of a Sensitive Manipulation End Effector Robotics Engineering 2014-02-27
Collatos, Angelo RobertTransformation, Growth, and the Cytoskeleton: Tools to Study Oil Producing Algae Biology & Biotechnology 2012-12-21
Collette, Kristin AComparisons of Structural Designs in Fire Fire Protection Engineering 2007-04-30
Collins, Travis FredrickImplementation and Analysis of Spectral Subtraction and Signal Separation in Deterministic Wide-Band Anti-Jamming Scenarios Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-19
Collins, Jessica M. FixI and FixI2: Homologous proteins with unique functions in Sinorhizobium meliloti Chemistry & Biochemistry 2014-01-08
Colonero, Curtis BensonNoise Analysis and Simulation of a Sub-Pixel Analog to Digital Voltage-To-Frequency Converter for use with IR Focal Plane Arrays Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-01-05
Comtois, Gary W.Implementation of Accelerometer-Based Adaptive Noise Cancellation in a Wireless Wearable Pulse Oximeter Platform for Remote Physiological Monitoring and Triage Biomedical Engineering 2007-07-23
Conron, Christine ElizabethDEVELOPMENT OF A PERFORMANCE-BASED HIGHWAY DESIGN PROCESS: Incorporating Safety Considertation into Highway Design Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-01
Coon, William MacDowellA Computational Model for Building Relationships Between Humans and Virtual Agents Computer Science 2012-08-06
Cooper, Christopher G. F.Self-Assembled Systems for Molecular Device Applications Chemistry & Biochemistry 2004-04-05
cooper, sean Control of a Satellite Based Photovoltaic Array for Optimum Power Draw Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-04-28
Copp, Jessica L.Course Summary of Computational Methods of Financial Mathematics Mathematical Sciences 2009-05-05
Cordeiro, Philip JosephDesign of a Wearable Ultrasound System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-08-09
Cordes, Brian G.Modeling-Based Minimization of Time-to-Uniformity in Microwave Heating Systems Mathematical Sciences 2007-04-27
Cornwell, Kevin G.Collagen and Fibrin Biopolymer Microthreads For Bioengineered Ligament Regeneration Biomedical Engineering 2007-05-04
Cote, Shelly A.Effects of Cellular Apoptosis on Productivity of a Mammalian Cell Culture Process Biology & Biotechnology 2006-04-14
Cournoyer, Richard JohnThe Application of Parametric Software into the Undergraduate Computer-Aided Manufacturing Environment Manufacturing Engineering 1999-04-30
Court, Jeffrey Estimation of the Concentration from a Moving Gaseous Source in the Atmosphere Using a Guided Sensing Aerial Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-11
Courtois, Julien Iridium-based bimetallic alloy catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction for fuel cells modeled by density functional theory Chemical Engineering 2013-04-25
Couture, Eric DanielThe Design and Manufacture of an Elevating/Articulating Manual Wheelchair Legrest Mechanical Engineering 2006-04-21
Cox, Jason RControlling the Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with Two-Dimensional Templates Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009-04-27
Coyne, Jack WFPGA-Based Co-processor for Singular Value Array Reconciliation Tomography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-08-31
Crasso, Anthony Background Calibration of a 6-Bit 1Gsps Split-Flash ADC Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-01-08
Crocker, Jeremiah The Effect of Sprinkler Sprays on Fire Induced Mass Flow Rates Fire Protection Engineering 2008-04-28
Croteau, Ethan Evaluating Predictions of Transfer and Analyzing Student Motivation Computer Science 2004-04-21
Croughwell, Rosamaria A 16-b 10Msample/s Split-Interleaved Analog to Digital Converter Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-08-24
Cruceanu, Florentin I.AC-Calorimetry and Dielectric Spectroscopy on Anisotropic Liquid Crystal and Aerosil Dispersions Physics 2008-04-09
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Yang, Chenguang Security in Voice Authentication Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-03-27
Yanson, Logan MEffects of Liquid Superheat on Droplet Disruption in a Supersonic Stream Mechanical Engineering 2005-03-18
Yao, Suqin Computer-Aided Manufacturing Planning (CAMP)of Mass Customization for Non-rotational Part Production Manufacturing Engineering 2003-12-05
Yao, Yuanbin GPU Based Real-Time Trinocular Stereovision Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-08-15
Yao, Yuqin Synthesis, processing and applications of carbonaceous nanomaterials Materials Science & Engineering 2013-07-24
Yavuz, Mustafa SelmanSynthesis of an Ammonium Ion-selective Fluoroionophore Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-05-01
Yazaydin, Ahmet OzgurMolecular Simulation of the Adsorption of Organics From Water Chemical Engineering 2007-02-23
Ye, Yunxing Sensitivity Analysis for Measurements of Multipath Parameters Pertinent to TOA based Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-02-20
Ye, Yunxing Bounds on RF cooperative localization for video capsule endoscopy Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-24
Yigit, Mehmet VeyselDesign of open hydrogen-bonded frameworks using bis(imidazolium 2,4,6-pyridinetricarboxylate)metal complexes as secondary building units Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-05-12
Ying, Min A Soft-Body Interconnect For Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robots Mechanical Engineering 2014-04-08
Yoo, Daniel Alchemy: Transmuting Base Specifications into Implementations Computer Science 2009-02-05
Yoo, Daniel Building Web Based Programming Environments for Functional Programming Computer Science 2012-02-24
Youngsma, Katiegrace Development of a Model and Simulation Framework for a Modular Robotic Leg Robotics Engineering 2012-06-06
Yu, Hongliang Automatic Rigid and Deformable Medical Image Registration Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-04
Yu, Hao Processing Routes for Aluminum based Nano-Composites Materials Science & Engineering 2010-04-22
Yu, Shucheng Data Sharing on Untrusted Storage with Attribute-Based Encryption Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-07-12
Yu, Wenqing Development of Electrolyte Support for Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel Cell Chemical Engineering 2009-12-08
Yu, Hao Metal Recovery via Automated Sortation Materials Science & Engineering 2013-10-09
Yuan, Jiankun Circulation Methods in Unsteady and Three-dimensional Flows Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-22
Yuan, Zhou Sidelobe Suppression and Agile Transmission Techniques for Multicarrier-based Cognitive Radio Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-04-29
Yuksel, Kaan Universal Hashing for Ultra-Low-Power Cryptographic Hardware Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-04-29
Yun, Meijiang C. elegans MAP Kinase Mutants Show Enhanced Susceptibility to Infection by the Yeast S. cerevisiae Biology & Biotechnology 2010-05-12
Zand, Emad DolatshahiMeasurement of TOA Using Frequency Domain Techniques for Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-04-21
Zaumanis, Martins 100 % Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt and the Use of Rejuvenators Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-04-04
Zeljkovic, Mihajlo Predicting Network Performance for Internet Activities Using a Web Browser Computer Science 2012-04-23
Zeng, Hong Fixed Income Database Design & Architecture Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-31
Zeng, Kai Opportunistic Routing in Multihop Wireless Networks: Capacity, Energy Efficiency, and Security Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-07-21
Zervas, Michael JayDevelopment of a High Speed, Robust System for Full Field-of-View 3D Shape Measurements Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-26
Zhan, Ye Molecular Analysis of Turnip Crinkle Virus Coat Protein Mutations Chemistry & Biochemistry 2002-04-29
Zhang, Rong Synthesis of Rigidly Linked Polychromophores for Intramolecular Energy Transfer Study Chemistry & Biochemistry 2000-04-10
Zhang, Yuxian Investigating the inhibitory effects of cranberry juice metabolites on uropathogenic Escherichia coli for the prevention of urinary tract infections Chemical Engineering 2011-08-21
Zhang, Jingxin Investigation of CO Tolerance in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering 2004-06-18
Zhang, Boyang Real-Time Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of Time-Slotted Carrier Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-05-14
Zhang, Dawei Fabrication of bovine serum albumin nanotubes through template assisted layer by layer assembly Materials Science & Engineering 2009-05-06
Zhang, Ya Pharmaceutical Market Research Based on Statistical Analysis Mathematical Sciences 2010-01-14
Zhang, Jun Organization & Analysis of Stock Option Market Data Mathematical Sciences 2011-01-08
Zhang, Kai High-Performance Decoder Architectures For Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-10-25
Zhang, Lei Numerical modeling of induction assisted subsurface heating technology Manufacturing Engineering 2012-02-18
Zhang, Yuxin A Comprehensive Method for the Selection of Sustainable Materials for Building Construction Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-03-13
Zhang, Dazhi NEEL+: Supporting Predicates for Nested Complex Event Processing Computer Science 2012-07-24
Zhang, Bingwen Optimal Strategies in Jamming Resistant Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-11
Zhang, Tan The Economic Benefits of Battery Energy Storage System in Electric Distribution System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-04-19
Zhang, Yunyun 3-Dimensional Model and Simulations of Sperm Movement Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-24
Zhang, Jiachen Development of a parameter-insensitive artificial immune system for structural health monitoring Mechanical Engineering 2014-04-09
Zhang, Kewen Attitude Synchronization of Spacecraft Formation with Optimization and Adaptation of Consensus Penalty Terms Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-19
Zhang, Yafei Comparative Analysis of Ledoit's Covariance Matrix and Comparative Adjustment Liability Management (CALM) Model Within the Markowitz Framework Mathematical Sciences 2014-05-08
Zhao, Lei Bench Scale Apparatus Measurement Uncertainty and Uncertainty Effects on Measurement of Fire Characteristics of Material Systems Fire Protection Engineering 2005-04-27
Zhao, Hong A Bayesian Analysis of BMI Data of Children from Small Domains: Adjustment for Nonresponse Mathematical Sciences 2006-12-22
Zhao, Min Risk Measures Extracted from Option Market Data Using Massively Parallel Computing Mathematical Sciences 2011-04-27
Zhao, Zhen Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling Project Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-25
Zhao, Yunfeng Risk Analysis for Corporate Bond Portfolios Mathematical Sciences 2013-05-02
Zheltukhin, Sergey Preferred Frequencies for Coupling of Seismic Waves and Vibrating Tall Buildings Mathematical Sciences 2013-04-29
Zheng, Zici Adaptive Explicit Congestion Notification (AECN) for Heterogeneous Flows Computer Science 2001-04-09
Zheng, Yilei IFSO: A Integrated Framework For Automatic/Semi-automatic Software Refactoring and Analysis Computer Science 2004-04-23
Zheng, Yi Finite Element Analysis for Fixture Stiffness Manufacturing Engineering 2005-04-20
ZHENG, YAO Privacy-Preserving Personal Health Record System Using Attribute-Based Encryption Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-06-27
Zhong, Xiao A Study of Several Statistical Methods for Classification with Application to Microbial Source Tracking Mathematical Sciences 2004-05-05
Zhou, Li Machining Chip-Breaking Prediction with Grooved Inserts in Steel Turning Manufacturing Engineering 2001-12-07
Zhou, Yao Study on Genetic Algorithm Improvement and Application Manufacturing Engineering 2006-05-01
zhou, jingran a Bayesian test of independence of two categorical variables obtianed from a small area : an application to BMD and BMI Mathematical Sciences 2011-12-05
Zhou, Jie Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling Project Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-26
Zhou, Yun Embedded Face Detection and Facial Expression Recognition Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-28
Zhu, Guanghui Kinetics of Complete Methane Oxidation on Palladium Model Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2004-01-22
Zhu, Yali Dynamic Optimization and Migration of Continuous Queries Over Data Streams Computer Science 2006-08-24
Zhu, Sichao Real time implementation of SURF algorithm on FPGA platform Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-28
Zhuang, Ziyi The Portfolio Optimization Project Mathematical Sciences 2012-04-28
Ziemba, Gilead ReedTheoretical Analysis of Light-Weight Truss Construction in Fire Conditions, Including the Use of Fire-Retardant-Treatment Wood Fire Protection Engineering 2006-05-04
Ziolkowski, Joseph EdmundModeling of an Aerospace Sand Casting Process Materials Science & Engineering 2002-12-17
Zong, Yujie A Sensitivity Analysis of a Nonignorable Nonresponse Model Via EM Algorithm and Bootstrap Mathematical Sciences 2011-03-28
Zoto, Christopher AStructural and Photophysical Properties of Internal Charge Transfer 2-Arylidene and 2,5-Diarylidene Cyclopentanones Chemistry & Biochemistry 2012-07-24
Zou, Haiyang Development of a Recycling Process for Li-Ion Batteries Materials Science & Engineering 2012-04-13
Zwahlen, Jurg CInvestigation of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Plume Using a Quadruple Langmuir Probe Technique Mechanical Engineering 2002-11-20

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