From:                                         Bellows, Charlene M. [cbellows@WPI.EDU]

Sent:                                           Friday, November 19, 2010 3:15 PM


Subject:                                     Expense Reimbursements




We would like to provide an update on a few of our policies regarding primarily expense reimbursements.   This is not intended to be a complete policy but to address concerns and questions we have received from the community.   



§  No receipts are required for reimbursement for travel-related expenses $75 and under (i.e. meals, conference fees, tolls, bus fare, etc.)  This threshold also applies to purchases using PCards.

§  Expense reimbursements are to be submitted within 60 days of return from travel.

§  Expense reimbursements will be paid by DIRECT DEPOSIT only. The reimbursement will be deposited into the primary account on file with the Payroll Office.  If you prefer another account, please submit a  Direct Deposit Authorization form with your next expense reimbursement.   These forms can be obtained from the Payroll Office.

§  Travel purchased through Rosenlund Travel is to be charged on your department PCard.  Effective 12/1, there will no longer be a corporate card on file with Rosenlund.


REMINDERS for completing Expense Reports:


§  All sections in the heading of the Expense Report must be completed, especially your Banner ID. 

§  Original receipts are required for reimbursement.  (The $75 threshold does not apply to supplies, books, etc.).  Receipts need to include the appropriate detail to determine what was purchased, why, and how it was paid.    For example, a restaurant receipt would include the detailed meal check as well as the credit card slip. Copies of a personal credit card statement alone are not a receipt.

§  Scanned or faxed Expense Reports and receipts will not be reimbursed.

§  Alcohol is to be charged to account 7319.  This is extremely important as alcohol must be categorized separately in the calculation of our federal indirect cost rate.

§  When traveling from home, mileage submitted is to be the mileage from home to the destination or from WPI to the destination, whichever is less.

§  For multiple miscellaneous low dollar expenses during a month, if possible, please combine on one report per month.


REMINDERS for PCard purchases:


§  All purchases $10,000 or over are subject WPI’s Vendor Justification/Price Verification Form.  This form is to be completed and approved PRIOR to purchase.


§  Receipts and statements are to be saved by the department for 7 years.

§  Alcohol is to be charged to account 7319.  This is extremely important as alcohol must be categorized separately in the calculation of our federal indirect cost rate.


REMINDERS for Check Requests:


§  Form W9 is to be completed for all new vendors.

§  Original invoices are required.   Statements will not be accepted.

§  Scanned or faxed Check Requests will not be processed.

§  If planning to pay an international guest, including reimbursement of travel expenses, please contact Joyce at ext. 5524 in advance of his/her arrival.  Certain IRS forms may be needed to process payment.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you!



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