Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Master Planning Materials

The Vision

The Master Plan will be a comprehensive document designed to act as a roadmap for the development of WPI over a period of time of up to 20 years. It is intended that the Plan will assist WPI in defining the goals, objectives, priorities and required resources related to the physical campus. It will include a strategy for the renewal, modernization and reuse of existing facilities, and critical campus infrastructure. It will develop a strategy for the enhancement of the physical campus including open space, circulation systems, campus entrances, parking and signage. Further, the Plan is intended to define relationships and opportunities between WPI and the surrounding community.

It is hoped that the Plan will outline a strategy for expansion of academic, recreational and residential facilities, and the necessary infrastructure that will be required to support this growth into the future. At the same time it will be an important part of the Master Plan to integrate this growth carefully into the city around us, taking into account in particular our neighbors, other adjacent institutions and businesses, and the proposed Gateway Park.

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