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Open Spaces

The open space character of WPI is one of extremely dense built fabric punctuated by a few large open spaces. The three major open spaces on campus are Boynton Hill, the Main Quad, and the athletic/recreation fields. Boynton Hill, due to it steep terrain, is a passive space that can accommodate few, if any, recreational uses. The Main Quad is half paved with parking, and is the only unprogrammed, usable, green recreation space on the campus. The athletic/recreation fields are heavily used, but tight scheduling and overuse indicate that they are not sufficient to adequately support recreational use by students. More open space is required to accommodate all the users of this scarce resource.

Other than these large spaces, there are several smaller, more intimate gathering spaces on the campus. These include the Higgins House lower lawn and gardens, the lawn and terrace behind the Campus Center, the fountain, and the courtyard between Salisbury and Stoddard. These spaces accommodate informal meetings and discussions between students and faculty that are critical to the learning and social environment at WPI.

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