Parallel Session - Workshops

Session 1

Saturday, March 18, 2006: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Innovative Laboratory Exercises to Teach Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
Staier, J., LCDR, US Coast Guard Academy
Godfrey, D., LCDR, US Coast Guard Academy
Johnson, G., Alion Science & Technology
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Neural Networks in Electrical Engineering
Silver, H., Fairleigh Dickinson University
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Teaching Software Engineering with Rational Unified Process® (RUP)
Bergandy, J., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
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Feedback from Co-op Students: What Does It Tell Us About Our Curricula?
Potter, D., Northeastern University
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A Centralized Evolutionary Target Tracking System
Khalifa, Y., State University of New York at New Paltz
Okoene, E., State University of New York at New Paltz
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Innovations in Engineering Education

Streaming Video Tutorials for Complex Laboratory Techniques: Lessons Learned in Sophomore and Junior Biomechanics Courses
Billiar, K., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Engineers Take on Writing: Integrating Technical Writing Instruction into Second- and Third-Year Engineering Courses
Beenfeldt, E., University of Maine
Whitney, A., Univeristy of Maine
Peterson, S.,University of Maine
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Refocusing on the Operational Level of Pedagogy: A Military Analogy for Bridging Educational Strategy and Classroom Tactics
Wong, E., Maj., United States Military Academy
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Integrating Catamount Community Service- Learning Projects within Civil and Environmental Engineering Programs at the University of Vermont
Hayden, N., University of Vermont
Rizzo, D., University of Vermont
Sadek, A., University of Vermont
Dewookar, M., University of Vermont
Neumann, M., University of Vermont
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Mechanical Engineering

A New Approach to Mechanics of Materials
Grandin, H., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rencis, J., University of Arkansas
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Design and Development of an Economical Torsion Testing Machine
Vallee, G., Western New England College
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Mechatronics in University and Professional Education
Craig, K., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Rosmarin, M., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
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Temperature Measurement at the Polymer-Metal Contact: A Tribometer Design
Ghorieshi, J., Wilkes University
Sharma, A., Wilkes University
Lopresti, F., Wilkes University
Ghorieshi, M., Pennsylvania State University
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Engineering Technology/Community Colleges

A Design Competition to Enhance a Materials Science Laboratory Experience
Fleck, B., Maine Maritime Academy
Alexander, H., Maine Maritime Academy
Kimball, R., Maine Maritime Academy
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Integration of Voice Over Internet Protocol Experiment in Computer Engineering Technology Curriculum
Rajaravivarma, V., Central Connecticut State University
Farahmand, F., Central Connecticut State University
Akujuobi, C., Prairie View A&M University
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Interactive Online Activities for Learning Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics
Cherner, Y., ATel, LLC
Davis, D., New Hampshire Community Technical College
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Heterogeneous Autonomic Screen-Saver CPU Scavenging
Lyon, D., Fairfield University
Krepsztul, P., Fairfield University

K-12 Education

Preparing Education and Engineering Students to Work Together
Maier-Speredelozzi, V., University of Rhode Island,
Fitzpatrick, M., Society of Women Engineers
Young, B., University of Rhode Island
Sullivan-Watts, B., University of Rhode Island
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Buildable Bridge Models
Brenner, B., Tufts University
Gravel, B., Tufts University
Levine, A., Tufts University
Tran, C., Tufts University
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Civil & Environmental Engineering

A New Approach to Undergraduate Structural Engineering Laboratory Instruction
Gindy, M., University of Rhode Island
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Use of Kolb Cycle and Digital Video Lectures for Enhancement of Learning and Learning Attitude
Mallick, R., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Quinn, P., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Cooperative Efforts Using Theater Students for Construction Management Technology
Dunn, P., University of Maine
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The Building Information Model in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Education at WPI
Salazar, G., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mokbel, H., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Aboulezz, M., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Structural Design of Multi-Story Residential Building for Legislative Assembly
Jayachandran, P., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rajasekaran, S., PSG College of Technology
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Session 2

Saturday, March 18, 2006: 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Industrial & Automation Manufacturing

Online Automation and Control: An Experiment in Distance Engineering Education
Patel, S., University of Bridgeport
Sobh, T., University of Bridgeport
View PowerPoint [PPT 875KB]
Automation the Key to Success
Craciun, C., Fairfield University
Botosani, P., Fairfield University
Computer Aided Archive System for People with Mobility, Visibility, Audibility, and Speech Impediments
Roman, C., University of Bridgeport
Sobh, T., University of Bridgeport
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Virtual Automation
Blanck, D., Festo Didactic
View PowerPoint [PPT 8.6MB]
Automation at Manufacture your future careers expo May 17-18. 2006
Botosani, P., Fairfield University
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Innovations in Engineering Education

A Media-Based Engineering Design Teaching Tool: MIT's EDICS
Jimenez, C., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Development of a Multi-Disciplinary Core Engineering Experience for First-Year Students
Smith, R., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Craig, K., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
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A New Approach to the Treatment of Modeling in the Freshman Engineering Course and Roger Williams University
Stein, M., Roger Williams University
Thomas, C., Roger Williams University
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Starting in the Middle: Design and Implementation in the Information Age
Sobiesk, E., LTC, United States Military Academy
Suchan, W., LTC, United States Military Academy
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BA in Engineering

The Dartmouth College Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences
Hansen, E., Dartmouth College
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The WPI Bachelor of Arts degree in “Liberal and Engineering Studies”
Quinn, P., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Schachterle, L. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Tryggvason, G., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Vaz, R. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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The AB and SB at Harvard: A Comparison
Dahleh, M., Harvard University
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Chemical Engineering

New Approaches for Teaching the Chemical Principles of Engineering
Westmoreland, P., University of Massachusetts Amherst
View PowerPoint [PPT 979KB]
The Evolution of Chemical Engineering: The Next Twenty Years
Sacco, A., Northeastern University
View PowerPoint [PPT 1.1MB]
Using Software to Bridge the Gap between Fundamental Science and Engineering Applications
Wilcox, J., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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A Modular Approach to Teaching the Engineering Challenges of Physiology
Sonek, G., Merrimack College
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Integration of Chemical & Biological Engineering: A Seamless Approach
Saltsburg, H., Tufts University
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M., Tufts University
Botsaris, G., Tufts University
Kaplan, D., Tufts University
Lee, K., Tufts University
Edwards, A., Tufts University
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K-12 Education Engineering Curriculum Integration

Discovery Voyage: A Key Outreach Program
Coté, M., Maine Maritime Academy
Fleck, B., Maine Maritime Academy
Walk, S., Maine Maritime Academy
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Teaching Inquiry and the Impact of Performance Based Assessments
Onyancha, R., University of New Hampshire
Armour, K., Pittsfield Middle High School
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Underrepresented Groups in Engineering

Project-Based Learning in Developing Countries
Gerstenfeld, A., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Njoroge, R., J., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Bringing Global Issues into the Classroom Vividly
Wilkes, J., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
View PowerPoint [PPT 2.4MB]
Engineering Student Identities in the Undergraduate Curriculum
O’Conner, K., University of Rochester
Perhamus, L., University of Rochester
Seward, D., University of Rochester
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