Student Poster Competition Guidelines

Friday, March 17, 2006 - WPI

Poster Competition Flyer

A summary of this page is available for download in PDF. Use it as a flyer to advertise the competition in your organization, or simply as a handy reminder for yourself.

Download the Flyer (PDF)

  1. Please register in advance with Brenda McDonald (, by sending an email to her with the following information.
    • names of the student team members and who to contact if there are questions (e-mail, phone)
    • your school affiliation, mailing address and department
    • the poster title and abstract (200 words or less)
    • the name of your project advisor and advisor contact information
    Poster pre-registrations must be submitted no later than Friday, February 10th.
  2. Prepare a poster for display on a 36" tall by 24" wide foam core poster board. Your poster should be pre-mounted on the foam core board for display on an easel. Other than the easels, no other supplies will be provided. There will be space in front of your poster if you wish to bring material to display.
  3. Your challenge is to create a poster that effectively communicates the goals, objectives, methods and results of your project work. Remember that your audience will almost certainly not be specialists in your area. Many visitors will be students and faculty from other departments. Be prepared to describe what your contributions were, show a few representative results and then give some conclusions in language that a knowledgeable individual with a science/engineering background can understand. Keep equations to a minimum and use graphics to their full advantage. Do not try to tell too much!

    You should also prepare an Executive Summary of your work for handout to visitors and to the judges. The summary should include a cover with the information provided in item #1 above, followed by a summary description of your project with Introduction, Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion sections. The executive summary should be no longer than 5 pages including graphics and excluding the cover page (12 pt type minimum, single spaced). Make sure you have sufficient copies of your summary so that you can give each judge as well as visitors who request one a copy of your summary.

  4. There will be two presentation sessions during the day on March 17. The first session will be from 10:30- Noon. The second will be from 12:30-2:00. You will be expected to be at your poster to describe your project and answer questions during your assigned session. Your display must be set up at least 15 minutes prior to your session and must remain up until the end of the assigned session. Competition placement will be based on a comparison of comments from at least three judges. The judges will spend time talking to you, asking questions and listening to your descriptions of your project and your contributions.

    The selection of the winning presentations will be based on

    1. the clarity of your poster and oral presentations,
    2. your overall responses to the questions of the judges and
    3. the completeness of your work.
    Demonstrations will not be a component of judging.
  5. Awards will be announced at the conference dinner the evening of March 17th.

For further information, please contact:

Fred J. Looft, Professor and Head
WPI Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Student Poster Competition Coordinator
508-831-5231 - WPI ECE Department

Sample Posters

Three sample posters are available below for download. To view them, you will need to have PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer installed on your computer.

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