The WPI Department of Chemical Engineering would like to express its sincerest thanks and gratitude to all the speakers of the workshop, as well as the attendees for their invaluable advice, input, ideas and fresh perspective.

New Frontiers in Chemical Engineering:Impact on Undergraduate Education

Biomaterials for Medical Devices and Drug Delivery: Advances and Opportunities

Arthur J. Coury
Vice President, Biomaterials Research, Genzyme Corporation

The Chemical Engineer of the Future in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry

Michael J. Dolan
Deputy President, ExxonMobil Global Refining and Supply Company

Chemical Engineering in the Biotech Industry

D. Davidson Easson Jr.
Vice President, Manufacturing & Process Development, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

New Frontiers in Chemical Engineering: Impact on Undergraduate Education

Esin Gulari
Division Director, Chemical and Transport Systems, National Science Foundation

Molecular Modeling in Chemical Industry R&D

Brian K. Peterson
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Reflections from a Computer Science Major

Stephen E. Rubin
Founder, Intellution, Inc.

Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cells

Robert A. Sinuc
Vice President, Engineering, Plug Power

New Vistas for Process Systems Engineering: Integrating Physics Computation and Communication Networks for Better Decision Making

B. Erik Ydstie
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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