Who Should Attend and Why

Ready for Prime Time: The Massachusetts Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit will introduce new products, companies, and universities to prospective customers, partners, suppliers, government representatives, and investors. The following groups are urged to attend:

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Companies active in designing, manufacturing, integrating, and supplying materials, components, and systems in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry cluster will find prospective buyers, suppliers, and partners as the industry moves into production.

End-use Customers and Project Developers

Consumer electronics manufacturers, battery and energy storage companies, telecommunications and data networking companies, military contractors, warehouse operators, and building owners and operators (including hotels operators, energy management companies, and transit authorities) will learn about practical and economic solutions to increase energy mobility, reliability, duration and cleanliness.

Investment Community

Private equity investors, venture capitalists, strategic investors, investment bankers, and investment advisors will find companies commercializing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies that are addressing this country’s most vexing energy and environmental challenges.

Public Policy Community

Government representatives, policy advisors, and research laboratories will discover how these innovative technologies can be applied to drive the “Energy Innovation Economy” forward, to build jobs and investment in this clean energy industry sector.

Research and Development Community

Engineers, technicians, laboratory representatives, and university representatives will meet leading university researchers driving fundamental breakthroughs and discuss challenges with commercial enterprises.

Professional Services Community

Lawyers, accountants, consultants, and human resources personnel will discover opportunities in this emerging industry cluster.


Executives, engineers, and job prospectors will learn about growth prospects in this exciting new industry cluster.

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