Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Alumni Forum 2003 - A Real World Approach to Doing Business in China

Program Content

Meeting the China Challenge: Networking for Success

The program will take place at SRI, International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA - February 3 and 4, 2004

Join us for this unique opportunity to network with international business executives, attend presentations, learn from others about their successes (and failures), share your own experiences and develop your business contacts. February 3 is a half-day session, beginning with lunch, developed especially for those who are new to doing business in China. The all-day February 4 session is designed to facilitate networking among WPI alumni and friends who are or hope to be doing business in China.

During this forum, we will address the following topics:

Establishing Business Contacts in the PRC

  • Who can you contact that will aid your China strategy, including other WPI graduates in business in China, legal firms, consultants, and government agencies that work to foster trade?
  • How do you choose business partners? How do you know who can deliver and who can't?

The Chinese Market

  • What is the current state of the Chinese economy?
  • What to expect from business ventures in China.
  • What local resources are available? How does one find computer literate employees, sales staff, office staff, mid-level managers?
  • What are the costs associated with doing business in China - wages, overhead, office rent, etc.?

Understanding the Chinese Economic and Legal System

  • What is the new political structure as it relates to business? What are the new economic zones and autonomy of Hong Kong, Shanghai and other areas?
  • What is the state of deregulation? What industries are open to western business ventures?
  • How do you handle customs, inland transportation and storage? What are the duties today?
  • How does the legal system affect business deals in China? How do contracts work? What is legal? What isn't? What protections are there for IP in China?

Who Should Attend

WPI alumni and friends who are interested in networking with others who are doing business in China, finding new markets, expanding operations to the PRC, or sharing their experiences about doing business in China are invited to attend. Don't miss this opportunity to meet other WPI alumni and friends who are already established in China.

If you have immediate questions about this forum, please contact Linda Carre Looft, Director of WPI External & Government Affairs directly at +1-508-831-6024 or e-mail forum2004@wpi.edu.

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